Best unicycle shirt I've seen.

Seriously, this dude is sideways wheelwalking, presumably drunk, over crocodiles.

Thought I would share it around :stuck_out_tongue: also, it’s cheap!

His seat’s broken /:
He’s still a badass.

wehat an idiot. no helmet

no shoes also

Or maybe it’s the feet that are missing :astonished: worn off wheelwalking :roll_eyes:

Best regards,

mabey that me :sunglasses:

Serious badass, that one. To think of doing that after losing his hands, feet, and ears to the crocodiles in a prior attempt, and with a bottle super-glued to his stumpy arm no less! :smiley:

Dayum! looks like those hungry gators already nipped off his hand and feet…and it’s probably because he’s givin’ 'em too much slack(line)!. :p) 'tis a cool shirt though. :slight_smile:

Would be better if he was wearing the unicycle “Chick Magnet” shirt while being such a badass.

Whoah! I didn’t know anyone watched when I did that! Weird! :stuck_out_tongue: