Best unicycle for me

I am looking into unicycles and what type of riding would be best for me if I should choose to get a new uni. I like the idea of a 24in for longer distance and Muni but I also like doing trials type stuff. Is it still possible to do trials stuff well on a 24in. i.e. hopping stairs, medium drops.

Yeah man, definately. If you are planning on riding MUni and doing drops as well as some trials, I’m gonna go ahead and say what the next 5 people or so are gonna say: If you are on a budget, get the Torker DX 24". It has a splined axle (stronger than a square taper axle), a beefy rim, and a now very strong frame. It is $259 on

If you aren’t on a budget and want to go for the good stuff (lighter, stronger wheel depending on who you talk to), then get a Kris Holm 24" MUni or a Koxx Track Monster 24". These are gonna cost around $550 depending on where you get them.

The DX is very tough and would be great for you, especially since you are just getting into it. There used to be issues with frame strength, but they have since fixed the issue. And hey, if by some chance you land a drop horribly wrong and break it, you can replace the frame with a Nimbus X frame from for $42.

Welcome to the sport man, enjoy it!

I like my KH 24" and I’ve tried bit of trials with it (stairs and drops) It’s very good for seat in, but with rail adaptor it’s not very good for seat in front riding. It’s light weight and very strong. One of the best unicycles for MUni and it’s made by world best mountain unicyclist Kris Holm, so I think that he knows what’s best for MUni.

Qu-Ax Cross 24"
Wait, UDC doesnt have the 24 But the 20 has a Creepy Crawler like my DX does.


if you land horribly wrong and break it?
i dont think anyone has broken it when they landed horribly
i think they all broke(like mine did) when the person did an average drop or a 360 unispin or a 360unispin and an average drop.

other than that
get the 19" DX
you won’t regret it at all, some people would have rather had a 20"
but i don’t think anyone regrets getting the 19"

how does the nimbus muni 24in or Yuni 24in muni compare to the torker dx
Though a little out of my price range, how does the qu-ax 24in muni or onza 24in compare to the dx
one more thing, does anyone know if someone has qu-ax cross 24in in stock

Yes, I realize that there are other ways of breaking the DX frame, however it is harder now with the 2007 (I know you have already tweaked yours a bit). Cody broke his DX frame when he racked himself dropping off a table.

With the Nimbus MUni you are getting a stronger and lighter frame (even Cody hasn’t broken it). The seat and I believe the tire and rim are the same as what comes on a DX. However, the Nimbus has a much weaker hub/crankset combination that wouldn’t last long doing trials and anything more than light MUni riding. The wheel+crankset is the most expensive part of a unicycle. The DX is only $60 more than the Nimbus and you get a much stronger wheel and crankset. Those alone would run you at the very least $100 used. Oh, and the Yuni is built up in the same manner as the Nimbus, but costs $100 more…it isn’t worth it.

The Qu-ax is a great unicycle, sorry I didn’t include it in my first post. It is very strong and many swear by them. I don’t claim to know as much about them, but I’m sure someone else will be able to help you on that. The only thing I have against it is that it comes with 170mm crankarms. These will give you alot of leverage when climbing, but they will slow you down on the flats and downhills. That is a large circle for you leg to go around. Some people like longer crankarms, some people like shorter ones. It all comes down to preference.

Check out Cody’s thread. hes got some 24 DXs.