Best unicycle for 6'6" newbie

Hi there,
I’ve been athletic all my life, good balance, bad knees though.
Want to start unicycling, but there are none available on Kauai.
Need to buy online.
What’s best for me to start with.
I’m 6’6", 185lbs.

thanks, Nick

I’m 6’-5" and a returning noob. I learned how to ride 20-30 peddle strokes as a teen before I moved on to motorcycles.

So, a couple of months ago (30 years later) I bought a 24" and was not progressing as well as I hoped. After more reading on this forum and blogs, I kept seeing that a 19-20" is the best to learn on no matter your size so I bought a 19" Nimbus trials. Sure enough, it slows everything down so I have more time to think and react. has several trials unis on sale right now at

If you like unicycling, you may want to specialize into a uni style like trials, street or muni. Regardless of what your long term goals are, a 19" trials will serve you well as you learn since it’s smaller wheel makes it tough as nails. is probably your best place to go, but Walmart, Amazon, and other websites (do not buy one from ebay, there are only cheap, easily breakable unis on there) also have unicycles for sale.
Any good unicycle will hold you up at 185 lbs, but what you get will really depend on what you want to do. Don’t worry about if it will be tall enough for you. I’m 6’3", and I find that I can easily ride my 24" Torker DX with the seat post all the way down (300mm post). This makes it easier to jump higher.

What kind of riding do you want to do once you’ve learned the basics? Unicycles are pretty specialized.

Kauai must be an excellent place to ride muni.

I don’t know about that. If you already have knee trouble, you want to be careful about seat height. Riding any distance with your seat too low is rough on the knees. Whatever you end up getting, make sure you get the longest seat post offered.

Nimbus II. (20 or 24, 20 if you want to learn tricks, 24 if you want to cruise B-))