Best Uni video so far ?

Hi you all !
Since I watched Ryan’s video I can’t help but think that it’s the best uni video so far.

Now I have a question for you all, which video is your favorite ?
If you had to download just one video which one would it be ? It doesn’t need to be quintessential, just the one you prefer…

My attention is to gather more videos for my site, so it’s probably a good idea to take a peek if you haven’t already.
Uni videos selected by Matayo

links are welcome


In the non-technical genre I best rember the video where a guy wakes up, start sorting out which shoes to put on and then rides his Coker in his underwear. Perhaps it was all a dream.

well, besides defect, I would say jack’s addiction. (waht goldenchicken was talking about.

Ah yes, remember the name now. Can’t find it in the gallery though …

I would say Ryans recent Ottowa trials vid for just plain awsome trials riding.

Both of the two Swedish movies for street fun, nice editing, more presntation.

Andrew Carters small videos for precisin trial stuff.

And Julien Monney’s jaw dropping coasting videos.

Something of Xaviers I think, like Street Motion, or the Koxx One Roadtrip video. They’re cool because 50% of the stuff is insanely good, and the other 50% is doable by the rest of us humans. And they have good soundtracks. Maybe I just prefer the European riding style…


Alex (Tomsey) has some nice street video too.

Oh yeah. Both of those too.

Cant decide…

and shaun johannesson and m_extreme_uni yea theres a lot i cant decide either.

Tom Blackwood’s Crank Grab.

I like the cumbrian Muni club’s video - MUni. Not for the riding particularly but I just think it’s a nice little film.


hahaha… i wish i could do that…lol

I like Owen’s Body Movin’ Vid. I love the jump down the bleachers.

Impressive !!:smiley:

Cor… I appear to have 4GB of unicycling videos on my pooter… where did they come from?!

In a very vague order:

A video called “vineyard” is probably the one I’ve watched the most, with unicycles at the beach. I’ve no idea who made it, but the music is great (Collective Soul - Next Homecoming) and it really conveys a great day out.

Redwelly’s video, Wildlife on One, is very funny; silly unicycling and utterly random things like the signposts and laps around the roundabout.

Dan Doerksen’s “demotape” is pretty much the only trialsy/street video that has kept me interested all the way through; fantastic editing and skills that appeal to my normally muni-only self.

Andrew’s muni videos are great except for the fact that it is always sunny, which just isn’t fair. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that’s more than one. Pretend I have four different voices in my head.


that was EXTREEME!:smiley:

top three/4 are in order

  1. gloc/freestyle tour (both koxx)
  2. koxx praha trip
  3. Ryan Atkins’ Ottawa video

its not even hard to choose out of my 3.8 GB of videos

I’ve just watched it last week.
I can’t remember how I find it, I just remember it was on The Dan website but I can’t find the link on this website, you’re lucky, my computer does remember it:

I really like it too but I’m not sure I’ll say it’s my favorite

Editing to hip-hop

I really like the movie “Editing To Hip-Hop”
It was posted by Jeff Groves and I can only assume he shot and edited it. The editing is awesome!

Re: Best Uni video so far ?

On Mon, 5 Dec 2005 10:47:33 -0600, goldenchicken wrote:

>In the non-technical genre I best rember the video where a guy wakes up,
>start sorting out which shoes to put on and then rides his Coker in his
>underwear. Perhaps it was all a dream.

I had the same dream then.

In the same genre, “Wildlife on One” by redwelly was quite memorable.

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