Best Uni-Ride Ever!!!

This is the third day with my Muni. For those who are interested, the following is the highlights of my ride today. I always write to much, but I will try to write-up real short.

This was by far the most fun filled day I have ever had on a unicycle, and remember, I have riden for 32 years. My family and I drove to Cades Cove, which is a Mountainous area located in the Tennesse side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

We parked at the crossing of a medium sized creek, located along a gravel rode within Cades Cove. About 20 feet before the gravel road runs into the creek, the road become concrete. This sloping concrete runs down into the creek, through it, and back out the other side. The creek itself is about 25 feet wide and 6" deep as it runs over this concrete “bridge”.

My daughters and I rode back and forth through the creek, water splashin higher and higher, the faster we rode. Then we started going off the side of the concrete and riding as far as we could up and down the creek bed. In soem places we were riding, the depth of the water would drop to over 20" deep.

We each registered some of our best “face plants” ever. It is pretty tricky riding in water, cranks and hub below the surface, and hitting a big rock. Can anyone say, “Hello water in my face!”, really fast. I tried to keep my hand on the front of my saddle, so I could jump up and over, but it was pretty hard to do when you could not even see the rock you were banging into. What a great time. My family and I were totally soaked, head to toe, before we called it quits for the day.

We also would ride down little dirt trails into the water, then continue down the creek bed until we reached the concrete drive-thru, or we UDP’ed with a huge splash.

We have never had so many pictures and videos taken of us. Total strangers were taking movies and pictures as we rode though the creek and around it’s banks.

My 5 year old also did very good on her new Sun 12". Although she is not riding on her own yet, she could keep her balance and pedal, while my wife or I held her hand. I am amazed at her progress in just 3 days with her new unicycle. And yes, she would ride it right across the concrete, though the creek. What a little trooper.

My wife, she only decided to start trying to ride yesteday. I watched her several times as she would mount my oldest daughters 20" black Torker and balance or ride along side the Van.

Notes of interest: 1. Not one time did I hear, “Where’s your other wheel?” I guess people were too interested in watching us ride unicycles in such an unusual location.
2. A 26" Yuni, with KH Seat and Duro Wildlife 24X3 will FLOAT!
3. Wellgo B-27 Platform Pin Pedals, while I love how well they held my feet, have a short lifespan. They might not like riding in and around a creek for several hours.
4. It is not smart to ride a Muni with only a tapered and greazed axle on one side. Just trust me on that one!
5. My daugthers free mounted their unicycles all day today, and that, makes a Daddy like me, VERY PROUD! Like I said, this has been my “Best Unicycle Ride Day Ever!”

Now, please go the the Thread entitled, “EDAL MELT-DOWN” and give me your suggestions for new pedals. Thank you for reading this “short post”. :D, hope you enjoyed. --chirokid–

Nice job, Chirokid! It sounds like you’ve discovered the way of the MUni. Now if only there were actually water around here, I could have a lot of fun.
The next thing you need to learn is how to ride more than 5 miles at a time! I’m glad that you’ve got your entire family involved. I hope you realize that when your daughters get to be about 16 or so, they will be the dream of all MUni boys everywhere. They would be the coolest girls around to date!

Re: Best Uni-Ride Ever!!!

Chirokid, your brilliantly positive writeups of the last few days
bring wide smiles on my face, an ocean away. Big hurrays!

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I go a sort of ok speed on my Coker… - Roger Davies

That does sound like the best Muni day possible!! I have to agree with paco too; your daughters would be the coolest to date! Why didn’t you have kids a decade earlier and decide to live in Texas? :smiley:

Keith, ur a lucky man! You have a family to ride with and a nice creek to ride on, heheh. My creek is just rocks, dirt, and mud, and sand sometimes, but mostly rock. And my family, HAH! Today at school I heard, “Where’s your other wheel,” or, “Where’s the other half,” or something similar to that, and I said, “I couldn’t afford it,” just as many times. I’m gonna save up for my Muni, or maybe I’ll ask for it for my birthday/Xmas (both one week apart).
Well, good ridin’, Cheerio! And keep at killin’ 'em moths!

Glad you enjoyed reading about my families ride. I can’t seem to get this ride out of my head. I find myself day dreaming about it often.

As for my girls being better dates because of their uni-abilities, I assume it does give them a little edge. I just pray, when they reach dating age, they will still take a ride or two A YEAR with dear old Dad! From what I understand, that can be some lonely years.

BTW, I have some great, home loaded shotgun shells, just waiting on the first few fellers who come a calling after my girls. :smiley: I like shooting just about as much as unicycle riding. --chirokid–