Best Uni Movie

Couldn’t agree more, ITTD is a really nice movie, for pure unicycling i like One Tired Guy, maybe I will change opinion when I get UNiVERsE 2.

The movies I have is: ITTD, OTG, U1, OWNL, and U2 soon

Good Point. I have showed other uni movies to people in my dorm and they will watch for a few seconds then move on. They seem to only be appreciated by unicyclists.

UNIVERSE 2!!! is obviously the best!!! dan your my hero haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully I will like U2 as much as it’s talked up. IF i ever receive it, I ordered it wednesday and has yet to ship it. Although I called in and had a profile crank replaced that very same day and it arrived at my door on friday…WHY.

ha, actually theres still 10-15 original copies in our hall closet.

maybe i should put them up on ebay. :slight_smile: