Best Uni Movie

Very simple. What in your mind is the best UNI movie ever (I’m about to buy one)

Of the three I own and UNiVERsE, which I’ve seen, I think U2 is the best. It has the most impressive riding along with a good sound track (IHMO) and nice clean editing. It also has some great bonus footage and special features.

The other two I own are One Tired Guy and Under No Influence. Both are good and worth owning, but not as good as U2.


Not to mention you get Rough Terrain Unicycling with U2.

U2 all the way. It’s the best.


Yes, get U2. I was also very impressed by RTU. George is so controlled.


the only ones i have are One Tired Guy and Universe 1.

i like em both

still need to get Universe 2!!

is john foss in any videos? (other than his wheelwalk in U1)

…I got U2. Hopefully it will arrive by friday. I am very impatient at times!

One Wheel No Limit by Andy Cotter, Rough Terrain Unicycling by George Peck, and Universe I by Dan Heaton. They are/were all highly innovative and ground-breaking. They all show the best of unicycling and unicyclists.

The rest are excellent too, but not nearly as significant.

Best video for learning the fundamentals of MUni: Unipsycho Extreme by Mike King.

Best Art: UII.

That’s my two cents, anyway.

one tired guy gets my vote for now, but i still have to see u2. is their an equivalent video for freestyle unicycling?

The UNiVERsE videos get my vote.
And I’ve heard that U.N.I. was really good, but I don’t have it.

One Wheel No Limit available at

Yeah U-Turn,

One Wheel No Limit is a great freestyle video, but don’t listen to the music. It’s the best thing to do if you don’t wanna fall asleep after 10 min. Put the sound of the TV down and play a good CD instead.


Pink Floyd works pretty well =)

Ive found system of a down a good band to put on when watching One Wheel No Limit, To me U2 is the best just for the trials but i enjoy OWNL for Tricks.


I just bought the One Wheel No Limit DVD off of ebaydotcom…
I want to get better at freestyle skillz and I am hoping it’ll help!


are you going to be at ToQUE? if so bring the video ‘One Wheel No Limit’ and i’ll bring either one tired guy or universe1 to lend out.


SOAD is just good unicycling music.

You mean, you don’t have Rough Terrain Unicycling? :wink:

But as for videos, I really like Into the Thunder Dragon as a conversion tool. This may not fit the definition of best uni movie, but I’ve known non-uni people who got bored during U1 and U2. My family, however, loved ITTD, and I think it helps them understand my passion for MUni. I also think it has the best soundtrack.
But I like them all.

What are the unicycling movies that can actually be bought? There is OWNL, RTU, U1, U2, UNI, ITTD, and OTG. Am I missing any? Oh, and I’m not counting the bike trials films that have a section of unicycling in them. Just straight unicycle movies.
(By the way, if you read all those acronyms without a second thought, you spend way too much time on here!)

Unipsycho Extreme.

i definately say that U1 and OTG are my favorites, have yet to see U2 but hopefully they have it at TOque! I own uniphysco extreme and i am a member of Mikes club, but not to offend mike or anything, i found his video pretty bad. the soundtrack was bad, the clips werent that good and most of all i found half the video to be just riding!