best trick

what is the most difficult street trick that yall have done. can you include pictures. Also I like riding street style, but I don’t know a lot of tricks, besidis 180’s, 360’s, hopping over stuff, and grinding. are there any websites with a lot of tricks that explains how to do them?


there are actually a lot of street tricks, but not a lot of names for them. i’d have to say that 180’s, 360’s, grinding, and airing over and off things are the main tricks at the moment, where the biggest moves can be pulled. there are smaller moves, like a lot of stalls, grabs, crank-flips, manuals, uni-spin variations and what-not.

UNiVERsE 2 is due out in mid-September and will feature 3 sections of killer street riding.


Riding my Unicycle 8 feet before crashing:(

Hard to learn:(

There are lots of skill names in the IUF Rulebook(Standard Skill List):

Granted their names are boring, but those are the names. Some of my hard ones have been “wheel walk backwards one foot behind frame” and “backwards one foot spin.”

Landed my first ever 360!

I think the best street trick I’ve ever done was a 360 off of a picnic table. It was pretty awesome. It was my first ever 360 off anything. I have it on video too. I shall put it in my gallery, poste haste. It is also included in my trials mini movie, SAUTUMOV 1.2, also in my gallery.