Best trials uni

I’m goin to be buying a trials koxx one uni off and wan to know which is the best trials uni

green spirit
black domina II
devil blueberry
devil white widow
alien backflip
devil original
white russian
devil gold

please reply quickly as I will be buying this by the end of the month

edit or should I save up for a nimbus only $100 more

I got an alien backflip and it’s sick, but I’ve heard the devil frames suck

No, definitely take advantage of that insane deal. koxx are lighter than nimbus…besides to get the best nimbus you’ll need a kh crank upgrade which brings it up to $350, $150 more(assuming youre buying a $200 one. plus it comes with a tryall(which i haven’t tried yet, but hear it’s better than the cc)

that said, dunno which koxx is the best.

narrowed it down

alright then I guess the question is GREEN SPIRIT or ALIEN BACKFLIP

same thing, pick which looks cooler to you

i take that back

xtp fluo
alien bf

SPIRIT - YUH! coz its pimpin’ :smiley:

Pick your style and ride it:D

Black domina 2!

yeah i’d get the black domina 2!

I can’t decide either. I’m thinking either
white Russian
alien backflip
green spirit
because they look the best to me. I’ve only been riding for 4 months and would like to get into flantland and street.
help please

You’re going to have to suck it up and flip a coin twice. :slight_smile:

Or decide which color you like better.

I recommend either the green spirit, the black domina, or the alien backflip. Domina and spirit come with nice muni pedals, then just buy some $10 odyssey twisted pc pedals, they’re great for street, flat, whatever.

where do you get odyssey twisted pedals for $10?

Some local bikeshop might have them too. Before ordering from UDC I always take a look localy to not pay shipping.

Just ask your LBS about plastic Bmx pedals