best trials seat

what would you guys say is the best trials seat for a uni that is around 50$.

I dont think the seat would really help if you have a 50$ uni.
But anyway, I have the K1 Orange Bud and its fine

i didnt mean a 50$ unicycle i meant a seat that is about 50$ for a (good) unicycle.

the Kh street seat is a good seat. i think he’s saying a seat that COSTS around $50… if that is the price of the uni… it is usually better to buy a new uni THEN upgrade…

koxx seats are good from what i hear, nimbus seats are good, air saddle conversion? what uni are you riding now?

Sorry, my bad.

Next time, your thread title should say: Best Trials Seat for $50.

Yeah, get the KH street: it is low profile, comfy, and amazing for SIF.

i don’t know about comfy, but the rest is right.

The Nimbus Gel saddle is cheaper and very good for sif.

I use to use the Nimbus Saddle, it was ok but I prefer the KH freeride saddle. I find it much nicer to hold when doing seat in front (which is really all I do) as has less curvature and is thinner where I hold it.

The Koxx-1 saddles are even thinner in the middle than the KH (well the one I tried was anyway - someone correct me if I’m wrong), but less than comfortable when sitting on them.

Buy the KH street one.
Thin, light and removeble cover (handy when you need a CF base)

Peter M