Best Trials Seat?

A friend of mine recently got a Koxx Devil off Roger, and got him to replace the saddle with a UDC gel (which I think the US is getting soon, I’d preorder cos Rogers stock ran out pretty damn quick)… having used it a lot, the saddle is amazing, really comfortable and has so much more feel in it for trials. I can rolling hop a good 6 inches higher on it (its lighter as well). Its got a lower profile so I found it really easy to get in & out from between my legs, even when it was set much too high for me. I would seriously recommend it, and for £27.50 (over here at least) its cheaper than a fusion.

Although for serious trials I wouldn’t recommend the devil, the stock alu cranks get a hard enough time from the pedals, let alone any crank grabs or grinding… Replace them tho & it would be great.


My partially cut down KH Fusion Saddle:I think it’s great for trials, not too bulky, good for seat out. And it is plenty comfortable still for just riding.