Best Trials Seat?

I am wondering what the best trials seat is (ones available in the U.S.) The KH seams to bulky. The Koxx seams great, but not available in the U.S. I heard that a viscount seat with a KH handle works well and is cheap. What do you guys (and girls) think?

i like a cut down kh

you could cut down the foam in the KH seat to make it smaller…but then you’ll probably need to get a fusion seat cover. another option is make it into an air-saddle, and then you will need to get a fusion seat cover, but it’ll be soooo comfy…
if you don’t, you can get a miyata. except I believe unicycledotcom is out of stock at the moment, for a looong time. haven’t checked for a while though, might check that out. and it’s easier to convert a miyata to an air saddle if you ever want to in the future.

yeck, yeah I just checked here
and they’re out of stock till spring 2006. but don’t believe it, two years ago they were out of stock until spring 2004, then a year ago they were out of stock until spring 2005, and they just keep bumpin’ it up further. donno when or if they’ll ever really be in.

Air saddles don’t seam like they would work to well for trials. Sure they give you more suspension, but, at least for me, trials is alot in the feel of the unicycle. An air saddle would take away from that.

If anyone wants one, but is to impasiant to wait, couldn’t they just spend $7 more and get the LX seat? That looks cooler to me anyways. Miyata seats come in ugly colours.

i have big hands, i think the uncut KH fusion is about right.

Anything with a carbon fiber base. :slight_smile:
Use parts from your existing saddle to build up a seat on a CF base. Foam is better than air for trials and freestyle.

OH yeah, forgot to mention that. I always forget about the Torker LX saddle…personally, I like Miyata’s colors better, but to each his own (:

My bro has a KH, and I have an LX. When I ride his I am almost guarunteed to hurt myself where it counts. The KH has a wicked huge curve on it and it is easy to get crushed in it. But on the other hand after riding mine for a while it feels like I’m sitting on a wooden saddle. It gets ridiculously hard. I just airseated it but haven’t had a chance to ride it yet.

As for trials, I haven’t ridden his much or very hard (its unsplined) but the KH seems very fat to hold seat out. The LX is good for that.

It depends what you’re gonna be riding most. Trials/muni/commute go KH, Trials/street/freestyle go LX or miyata. Its likely that you won’t be limiting yourself to one style.


or, with some modification, you could cut the foam on the KH down a bit to make it smaller, but still pretty comfy.

the poopsaddle

Not into trials yet, but-

when I made my LX saddle into an airseat, I shaved the foam pad down by a half and narrowed the narrowest part of it by about 1/4 inch on either side, making it a little more like an hourglass shape. Then, I put the tube in under that- it seems to be a nice compromise where I can have a really cushy ride but i can also let almost all the air out and have a very responsive seat.

I like my seat a whole lot… CF base Kingport bumpers with thin foam.

I know this post is US-available-trial-seat related but you’re right Heavy Metal: the Koxx One seat is almost perfect for trials. the only drawback is the cover wich is weaker than the fusion cover… but still better than the old KH seat cover. and you can have it whith gel too wich may offer a good compromise for both riding and trials (haven’t tried it yet)
Yeah… and of course it would be even better with a CF base. Just be patient, I’m pretty sure you’ll soon be able to get them from UDC.

I have a trials uni which is just a handle and a tiny platform barely bigger than the seat mounting plate a’la style of bicycle trials.

Works very well.

no! Why!? can we see some pic-age?

my ideal is CF with kinport or reeder plus a not-gigantic airseat.

sounds painfull if you land it wrong.
i never knew the koxx kh saddle wasn’t available in the states, well i suppose there IS an advantage in living in blighty! Mind you, having said that I have replaced my koxx saddle with a normal KH one.

I like my Viscount with a KH Handle

I was wondering how those work for trials. I hear they are not to bad and cheap, too.

I’ve heard that the Miyata saddle is better then the KH just because it is lighter and smaller so it is easier to get in and out of your legs and when you’re doing trials you don’t really need a bunch of comfort.