Best trials seat and seatpost

I have been riding a clasic seat for a long time, and the comfort on those are crap (including no handle). Which Saddle is the best? Also, I bent the hell out of my seatpost, and I don’t know what I should replace it with.

lolol wallis derail base +thompson… I hope u got 400$ us…

kh base no stiffener, 1/2" thick kayak seat padding. stock kh post (lighter than thomson). but that’s only if you are doing all the high impact stuff seat out.

If you’ve not got the cash for a Wallis Derail Base and a Thompson, try going for a Nimbus Gel, with a CF base and a CrMo seatpost. It shouldn’t break (only bend), and the saddle is good for seat out with its low profile. For more cash saving, lose the CF base (but the saddle will snap in the end).


Custom seatpost with a Nimbus gel saddle.

either get a KH gel seat or the Nimbus gel seat and use a GB4 seat post. the KH gel seat is more comfy but th Nimbus has a smaller profile making it easier to grip SIF.

Where can I get a KH gell saddle. I don’t see it at UDC.:o

you have to order it from bedford.

I have had no luck in finding the wallis derail base. I searched it on google, here,, and bedford. Could someone with a kind heart, please give me a link? Is the wallis derail base the whole saddle, or just the support?

To my knowledge, the Thompson seat post does not come in 22.2.
The frame that I have is a 22.2, so the thompsons are not applicable. What would be the best seatpost for a 22.2? Thanks a lot!:slight_smile:

I use a Primo Rod seatpost with my Derail base… it’s a bit heavier than the Thompson but I DOUBLE-DOG DARE you to bend it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

I have just ordered a wallis derail base, and I was wondering which seat cover I should use? Also, when I get the seat cover, does it come with padding? Thanks:)

Aawww cmon, can somebody answer?

Make your own it’s not real hard. Just make it out of your favorite material. I use canvis with a felt top. It’s so comfy but it was a gel/air seat.

Koxx-one saddle with aluminum reinforced seat post with reinforced bracket…