best trials elbow pad?

I’m trying to figure out if/what elbow pad I should wear if I want protection for trials riding. The 2x4’s seem a bit extreme and I’m not worried about full elbow to wrist coverage. I was thinking more of a hard shell would be better for the random “I screwed up that jump and am landing on my elbow and don’t want to pull a dogbone” type of fall.

Any experience/suggestions? The sixsixone options are here:

Maybe the races? The DJ seems a bit too minimalistic.

take the chicken wings

they offer great protection. you can also use them for DH

or if you want to go with a hard sheel:

these pads offer the best protection and are also comfortable and light.

I’ve got 2x4’s but don’t ride with them. I never land on my elbows and for now I’m willing to take the ‘risk’. Having said that though, 2x4’s are my first choice. I think the solid plastic ones would be very uncomfortable and bulky. I think the 2x4’s are a bit more subtle in terms of both comfort and appearance. They also don’t go right down to the wrists, at least not on the ones from one or two years ago that I own.


I really like the Roach/Raceface FR arm guards

they give forearm protection as well as elbow but don’t restrict movement
you barely feel that they’re on

I don’t wear arm pads for urban riding. The only time I bother with them is when I’m on sharp rocks or with lots of pebbles, in which a rollout is going to hurt any explosed elbows. When that’s the case I use the full roachpads, since if i need them i need them. If you only ride urban, I’d say don’t waste your money.

I dunno, my aching elbow from me screwing up jumping down a 4 set a couple of days ago says differently about needing pads when doing urban riding. Granted, 4 isn’t very much but I’m also not all that good. If I’d landed on the point of my elbow instead of where it meets the forearm I wouldn’t have an elbow anymore.

Maybe some skate style elbow pads would be good for urban/street/trials… Those links you guys are posting are helping, thanks.