Best trail pump

The pump I carry for trail rides sucks. It takes forever and I can never get up to the pressure I want (the 29er with the 2.3 and wide rim has a huge volume). Does anyone have suggestions for a good pump?

I use this for my uni and my bikes and it seems to work good. :smiley:

This looks like a good option:

I like the little hose. It’s such a pain trying not to bend the valve when you are tired and pumping like mad to make something happen (hmmm, that could be read more than one way)

I’ve used Zefal and Blackburn (and ancient Campagnolo) pumps, but I’ve heard that Lezyne pumps are the best. I’d buy the longest pump that fits the space you have available. That way you can take longer easier strokes to fill the tube with less effort. I haven’t looked at pumps in a long time, but I think that the short fat ones are more for low pressure high volume tires, and the long skinny pumps work better in general and also allow you to reach a higher pressure.

As with most equipment it is always going to be a trade-off between weight and performance, as you may not want to lug around a full size floor pump with a gauge. The pump I’ve been using I think is a Topeak Pocket Rocket Master Blaster DX, which weighs 100g and pumps up to 160psi for either valve type. I figure the pump is only used in emergency situations and is always carried so I want it to be as light as possible while still functioning- I bought it before my first 100 mile ride.

It is a bit annoying pumping up a 36" tire with such a small one way pump, but it is better than being stuck walking, and you can half fill it and then ride to a better pump. 29ers are a bit less annoying but they still take a while.

My mini pump has destroyed a couple of valve stems but only if they are already mostly perished and too much vigor is used. You get used to holding both ends of the pump firmly rather than allowing the valve to get jerked around by the pumping movement. looks like a good pump but it weighs 240g -more than double the Pocket Rocket. I just noticed they also make Micro Rockets weighing 65g and also delivering 160psi.

I have not needed to experiment much since what I have got works for me (I have Joe Blow floor pumps too).

If you want to carry a pump I would recommend a double action telescoping model. I have an old Park “Air Tool” pump that I don’t think they make anymore. I have had a couple of other’s that I liked a little better, but also, not around anymore. One of them had a pressure gauge built in, that was nice.

The upside to the Park is that when the seals finally wore out I was able to get a new set and rebuild the pump for a couple bucks. This was after they stopped making it. I really like equipment that is made to be serviced.

Double action means that it will pump into the tire on both the pull, and push strokes. The telescoping barrel gives you more volume per stroke, and also makes it small enough to keep in your Camelbak.

Another good option if you don’t need it very often is CO2 cartridges. They are very fast at getting you up to pressure, and really not that expensive. I don’t like the waste involved, but it’s recyclable.

For me, the blackburn mtn air is a good compromise between size and volume.

I ended up getting this:

I like the mini-hose which allows you to use it like a stand pump. This mountain version has a larger diameter and is pretty long. It fills the 29er tube pretty quickly. It is a little bigger than some, but fits nicely in my CamelBack. I have used the CO2 on my road bike with some luck. The problem is that if you mess up or have missed holes, etc., you really need a pump for back-up anyway. So the CO2 is really just a time-saver for timed events, or an easy first option.

I use this one

Mainly because it was one of the few that used to fit on my motorcycle tires. Not an easy thing with large disc brakes. Most pumps with levers to lock the pump on to the valve will not work. No such issue on a Uni.

It has a high volume and high pressure setting. But the high pressure setting is such a little puff that its hardly worth using on a uni wheel.

Here are the REI reviews:

It’s ok it does what it’s supposed to do but like many compact pumps it takes a while to pump up a tire. Its a little tricky to use till you know how it works.

I also have a bunch of C02 canisters left over from my motorycle riding days and got one of these little ‘chucks’ when I got the Uni which makes filling a breeze.
I’ve never ridden far enough from the car to need to carry them but when I start doing out and back rides (right after I learn to idle ding dang it). I will start carrying them and a pump. But I think I’m going to take the advice given above and get as long a pump as I can get in my CamelBak. Pumping a few hundreds strokes with the little ones blows (get it? pumps? blows?)

Now that I’m getting into MUni (my 36er tire stays at 55-60psi) I’m experimenting with air pressure in my Maxxis 26 x 2.5 HighRoller tire so I am going to need a lightweight “trail” pump that will fit in my CamelBak. I saw one of these (Bontrager Air Support MTB) in my LBS today and nearly bought it but I’m not sure if it is sensitive enough to register the low pressures we run. Any suggestions?

I’ve got one. It has worked fine the few times I’ve needed it. I’m not sure what you mean by register though, as it doesn’t have a gauge built in.

i’ve got this one always in my backpack, best pump ever: