best tires

I was looking for different types of trials tires on this website, for when I buy a backup tire. What are the different types of unicycle tires, which is the best, how much does it cost, which is best for the cost?

There are extremly few mod tires.

Off the top of my head:


Screw mod unis, Go bmx, a khe tires is a pound and a half less than a mod tire. Plus 100 psi rides sooo smooth…

why do u need a backup tyre? I mean u need backup inner tubes, but when ur tyre is worn u order a new one, a few days wont matter too much will it?

sorry if this is dumb but i dont see the point in stocking a tyre for no reason…

well my dad wants to get back into unicycling and he is also looking into tires, he got me into it when he showed me he could ride, and bought me one, hes 51

that still doesn’t exactly make sense why you need a back up, kind of confused :thinking:

Well I’ve had no problems with my try-all tire. It’s great for trials/street riding and doesn’t wear down fast at all. Bounces great and it just looks cool :sunglasses:

I actually have a back up maxxis cc tire. I’m going to use it once I’m done with my try-all, witch may take a while but atleast I’ll know which one’s right for me.

Theres a thread on here somewhere thats exactly what you need, I’m too lazy to use the search feature, and I’m guessing you are too. So just search around and I’m sure you’ll find it


i havn’t worn down a trials tire completely yet. the one on my DX was almost there, but not quite. the one on my KH is almost there as well… they take forever to wear down…
you definitely don’t need a backup, but some people prefer the LUNA over the CC and the monty is an awesome tire so-i-hear

trial tyres do wear down pretty quick. I was very dissapointed in the monty eagle claw, was just like a maxxis CC pretty much no difference. I might try get hold of an echo tyre, i got told by a trials biker they are really bouncy.

Are you recommending this for street and trials, or just street?

The old Echo tyres were very bouncy, the white striped SupaTrial ones. Hence why those few biketrials riders who have them in the UK use them over other tyres.

the newer blank black Echo tyres are similar, but the sidewalls are thicker and the tyre is stiffer overall. The bounce is OK, nothing too special. The compound is ‘meh’ for trials, it is not too grippy. But I suppose this tyre would be a nice alternative for street riders.

Smooth Tire?

Would this tire (Kenda Flame) make a good trials tire. I currently have a maxxis creepy crawler, and (for some crazy reason) cannot see the point of having a knobby tire for urban trials riding. Would a smooth tire, having more contact with the road, be a better choice than a knobby tire, if all I ever plan to ride is urban trials?