Best tire for flat

I was just watching some videos of people riding flatland and saw that the tires they use look really small compared to a creepy crawler. Are they freestyle tires or just shaved CCs or what is usually the tire of choice for flat?

If I have a creepy crawler, would a smaller width tire still fit on the rim?

If we could see what videos you’re talking about it would really help.

If you have a creepy crawler then you have a 19" rim. The only tires available for 19" rims are large volume trials tires.

Anything smaller would have been on a regular 20" rim, such as the rim/tire combo on this uni:

Are you talking about adrien or spencers new videos??? They have a freestyle set up.

Any tire is good for flatland. Some people prefer shaved tires or light tires… but none of it makes any diffrence to me.

ya those are the videos i was watching. thanks for the help

i like to ride flatland with my shaved CC but often i’m riding with my (not shaved) Try-All tire… both good, but the shaved CC is best…!

For flat my favorite one is the Try-All 19’.

Both spencer and adri are riding a prototype rim that’s way wider than any BMX rims, so they can use BMX tires with more stability… It’s a small difference but changes the complete feeling of the uni! If you want a 20’ wheelset try to find the widest rim as possible…

trial tires for gliding

Hey, I have a nearly bald Maxxis CC tire but it’s too grippy on my shoes to do gliding. I’ve been struggling to glide on my tire but when I get on my friend’s unicycle equipped with Onza stiky fingers tire (that supposedly doesn’t fit a 19" rim but does) I had no problems doing one foot ww and gliding. And his tread wasn’t worn down. So I’m thinking maybe I need a different tire for gliding all together. Any suggestions on a good tire for this?

The onza sticky fingers tire comes in 2 sizes, a 19"x2.5 and a 20x2.4. Your friend must have the 19x2.5 size.