Best street/urban trials tire?

So I know there is a thread that discusses trials tires, but I feel that needs of a trials tire are different than what I am doing on a regular ride. I don’t do any natural trials, just benches, stairs, ledges, and I currently am riding the CC which is stock on my torker dx. I’ve been riding about 1 month and ride seat in and can rolling hop 2 stairs, and can prehop to a sidehop up a bench. My problem is that the tire bends and rolls off the side of the rim under high stress and gives bad preload. It is bouncy though, and at 30 psi I haven’t pinch flatted. The tire is falling apart though, and deep cracks are all through the tread. I only weigh 155lbs but this tire is too flimsy for me. I want a bouncy tire that will last longer, and am considering the monty eagle claw or Nimbus blizzard…Im not sure if I will be able to hop near as high though since i require a prehop to get much height, and these are both thicker tires. It seems lots of people rate tires on their rebound characteristics and grip, but I don’t necessarily need grip for railings or wet rocks, and I want a tire that likes to bounce high, so I would guess that would be fast springy rebound

Also I am located in the US, the only 2 tires I have found I can purchase are the Blizzard and CC from It would be terribly disappointing if that is all that is available to US riders…It seems that every link for a MEC is out of stock, and if it is in stock its a European site that doesn’t ship to me :frowning:

I ride a MEC right now and i can recomend it but DO NOT GET a blizzard its heavy and has no bounce. i would also recomend a tryall, try bumping up the pressure on your CC

I had a blizzard for 6 months and thought it was a good tyre… until I replaced it with a Creepy Crawler and realised just how bad it is!. The blizzard is heavy, barely has any bounce in it, and doesn’t grip well. If you really, really, have to get a white tyre, try finding a try-all instead if it’s that important. Otherwise do what I did and bite the bullet, get a black tyre, and then realise the uni looks sexier in black anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the MEC and tryalls the MEC is not as good for natural so for urban it is better than the tryall because it has slightly better bounce

thanks for the response guys, i was worried I was beating a dead horse on the tire topic. I kinda got really worried when i saw my CC had cracks in the tread, but after detailed inspection they are only superficial and are just in the tread, not the main belt of the tire. So i think a combo of salt and cold did it, but im no longer stressed about it giving out on me. I bumped the pressure to 35 and it has only buckled on me once since so ill stick it out, I can get CCs from work for 17$ so ill learn to ride this tire since its 60$ for a MEC and blizzards sound awful. I think any shortcomings in my unicycling are me rather than the tire haha

If i could get CCs for 17 id ride one every day! my mec was $40