best street uni

what would be the best kind of uni for street riding i got a no name trials uni would a freestyle uni be better

trials uni are better for street than freestyle because you might be hiting large stair gaps and what not. so you will need a strong uni to hold up to it

i do street on a bedford frame, kh/onza hub and cranks 140mm and a kh seat with crapp pedals i need to upgrade and a alex rim… it is pritty sweet…

get a 20 inch (not 19(trials)) with like a 10 wall rim, a huge tire, profile 127 crankset, and a super light frame, one plastic one magnesium pedal. oh and a gel myata saddle, or one of the ones that shaun has

dang, thats like my dream uni

do i want a knobby tire or a bald one

Profile doesn’t make 127 cranks, I think the shortest is 145mm or around there.

it depends what kind of street riding you want to do. if you’re going to do the Ryan Atkins type, like, semi-trialsy street riding, you need something closer to a trials unicycle. wide tire, strong wheel, strong frame…but if you’re going to do the Dan Heaton type, like, semi-freestyly street riding, you don’t really need a particularly strong wheelset, but that certainly doesn’t mean you need a weak one. you still need one that is strong, but lighter, like closer to a freestyle unicycle.

nope profiles smallest are 140’s darren has them just call and ask.

“or around there”