Best shoes for track racing?

You started a thread about ‘lightweight shoes’ for track racing. The Spitfires are 934g/pr. Why would you want close to a kilogram going around in circles very fast when there are much lighter alternatives?

If you’re dead set on Five Tens, then check out the Five Ten Warhawk. They’re parkour shoes so have pretty good grip as well as lightweight. They’re the same weight (600g/pr) as the trail-running shoes I use for unicycling currently, but with better tread (similar to the spitfires). I actually ordered one of these a few months ago but had to send it back because it didn’t fit me, and they didn’t have my size in the end. A bit disappointed because they look really good for unicycling.

ive been riding with 5.10 Spitfires and i can give you my thoughts.

They feel like vans but with less slop. Ditch the laces they come with and put in a pair of proper boot laces (i took the spare from my impacts).

The grip is not as good as with Impacts but is still a lot better than with a skate shoe tread. I have used them for commuting, hockey and light muni.

The big downside is confidence. I would not trust them for muni or coker riding as they do not feel as sturdy as my impacts. If the purpose for the shoe was to replace skate shoes for a race 24, they should work perfectly.