Best Seat

Wondering what people think as the most comfy seat for like riding around town?

everyone hates on the lx seats but i kinda like them. probably a kh freeride is the best. or air seat if you like it

Its all your preferences and your style. but kh and koxx are well liked.

KH Fusion/Freeride. Personally I like the flatter saddles.

i like a WELL modified DX seat over anything.

i’m riding a miyata seat on which i cut the foam i’m riding flatland… this seat is sooo good with a carbon fiber seat frame… with the cuted foam it’s really good to handle it

– bobousse

Not to butt in, but a quick confirmation,

the KH seats are steezy? Cus I was thinking of getting one, but I want to make sure that if I buy an entirely new seat, it’s the best seat I can get.

LX sattles

LX sattles aren’t that bad when you put two foam layers and two skate shoe tongues inside it…it’s…PERFECT! Of course, you need to change the sattle cover becuase it’s WAY TOO small… :stuck_out_tongue:

An old pair of jeans from Good Will should do good for a new sattle cover (after you copy the pattern of the original, but larger of course)… :sunglasses:

It is the best seat you can get STOCK.

If you want a REALLY nice seat, get a DeRail CF Base (with DG bumpers), miyata leather seatcover and your choice of foam. Costs around $250.