best seat

what is the best seat for trials

There is no “best” seat for trials…its whatever you feel comfortable on.

I personally prefer my profiled Kh saddle. Some people ride Miyata saddles some people ride stock KH saddles. ive heard the KH gell is very popular.

But there really is not “best” saddle for anythingits all a matter of comfort

I like thin seats

Then a Miyata or a Profiled KH like mine would probably make you feel right at home.

P.S. I forgot to mention earlier that CF seat bases are also very popular but you only really need one of those if your consistantly breaking regualer saddles.

no no no… Order and fusion cover+viscount saddle+kh handle… work on it for about 2 hours getting it to fit perfectly and u have the shizzle.

Obie…hwat seat is that?? It looks like mine only neater.

i have a KH gel seat, and she is very comfy and thin so u can really grip around it for sif hops. its much lighter than a KH fusion seat also.

A Couple of My Unicycles :smiley:

Could you post photos?

I’ve ridden a stock KH, a KH fusion, and a Miyata air saddle w/ roach saddle cover and a mod KH fusion.

The Miyata’s seat base is uncomforable to hold and the handle is anoying as well. (I’ve heard the seat base can be mod’ed with a piece of tubing)

The KH with the foam cut down to half is geat for seat out and the stock KH handle is really nice.

The new (I’m assuming) stock KH fusion saddle I just received with a KH29 is pretty sweet. It feels a bit softer than the other ones I have, and it’s also thinner, but not quite as thin as a gel saddle.

i just ordered a classic because i needed a seat bad

Im sorry but that looks like it may infact be the worst trials saddle you could have possibly chosen

i needed it fast and it was skinny. i figured i could grip it good because it was skinny and i am working on sif trials so I thought it might be ok plus my dad paid for it randomly

Well if it was free for you i guess you cant really go wrong…bit its going to suck if you want to do some seat in trials riding.

thats what I was thinking. maybe I can supe(is this a word) a front handle up for it then I might be good

Acctually i think it might be “soup” or “soop”

i have been wondering where to get a Carbon Fiber handle?i have gone through two handles, and am on my third and its cracked.

you get it from scott wallis. I dont know what the link is. use the search.

k thanks