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What is the best commercially available unicycle seat? Why?


— Michael Grant <> wrote:
> What is the best commercially available unicycle seat?

The Miyata-style Saddle with High-Capacity Seat Cover, Air Pillow, Carbon
Fiber Frame and Wilder Rail Bracket


Its far more comfortable, durable and lightweight (and more expensive)
than anything else out there, but it’s worth it in my opinion. The Wilder
bracket helps increase comfort by allowing adjustment of seat angle, but
is really only meant for unis that take larger diameter bike seatposts.

I’m working on a new seat with Velo that should hopefully be comfortable
but less expensive, but if anything happens with this it won’t be for
some time.


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One thing to add to that is that you can still get the tilted back angle without the Wilder bracket, since the carbon fiber seat frame comes undrilled. I drilled mine with the seat post bracket as far back as it would go, and its at just about the right angle. I also have the seat post in backwords, so that the tube is more in the center.

Ben Plotkin-Swing

Does anyone know what kind of sea most riders used on the European tour?

I think most of them (if not all) used a converted miyata seat. A combination of air (inner tube), neoprene, or other padding was used to make it more comfortable.