Best saddle

what saddle should i get to replace the sucky 1 on an qu-ax 20" trials?

Kris Holm Fusion Freeride Saddle

Kris Holm Fusion Saddle

Koxx Gel Saddles

or any other ideas?
ty all

It depends what you want to do,

for distance/ muni I suggest the new KH freeride saddle, or an air saddle. for trials/ street/ flatland I’d suggest the KH street saddle, or the nimbus gel(I think the KH one is better). The koxx saddles are good in general.

KH street saddle would probs be best for me then. i ride trials.

WArning: at least for me, the nimbus gel and KH street saddles aren’t comfortable. They are completley awesome for sif, unispins, wraps, and tricks, but aren’t great for long periods.

You gotta find what YOU prefer…no 2 people like saddles exactly the same. for instance, mornish mention an air saddle for distance…that may work for him but I completely disagree. I sink right into the seat with an air saddle and it immediately starts putting pressure on my balls, which is where I don’t want pressure obviously.

You gotta trial and error and find what YOU like.

I like air seats if they are tilted way back, reliveing yoru balls of pressure:D

I’ve tried that, and all other angles…and put a sliver of foam on top of the tube…nothing works. Air saddles just straight up blow for me, I’d much rather just use a fusion or a fusion freeride.

Has anyone ever made a memory foam saddle?

Now I’d try that.

Mornish wanted to try that… talk to him.

yeah, I was in the process of making one of those and then my KH saddle that I was using disapeered.


UDC has a schwin gel sadle for 35 bucks. I don’t know how it is though.

viscount with whatever handle you like mounted to it with sheetmetal screws. it’s stiff, strong, and surprisingly comfortable. totally awesome for sif. downside is it’s heavy.