Best saddle?

What is the best saddle that has a good price?(Must have a good handle on it)
My Torker LX’s saddle elsucks.



I like the Miyata alot, it has a decent handle, and is really comfortable, the big problem with it is it comes with a wacky bolt pattern. I think that the Kris Holm saddle is also good, but a bit bulky, and I think it’s less comfortbale than the Miyata. So I would go with the Miyata, but most will probably say Kris Holm.

I really like the LX miyata design. But I’d reccomend the KH otherwise…

well a miyata’s pretty good, but it’s just an lx saddle a little bigger and a different color. i ride on a kh fusion and it works well. airseats are also nice too if you can afford them. i’d get the kh if i were u

if you want to do freestyle mostly, go with miyata. if you want to do trials mostly, go with either miyata or KH. if you want to do MUni/distance mostly, go with KH.

ok 1) KH will never last ( not sure about the fusions) but his old ones suck a nut, i went through 4 or 5 before i gave up on them. 2) what are u looking for in a seat? a comphortable one? strong?
and3) viscount all the way, if u want a seat that will most likley hold up to alot more then any other seat with out spending alot of money then go for the O’l V-count


So, The KH Fusion would be the best choice? Cause I hear both Miyata and Holmes. so do this to vote
Post either

A) KH Fusion Saddle
B) Miyata Saddle


a) kh fusion

If you get the KH, you’ll need a new seat post to fit the different bolt pattern. If you get the Miyata, you might find it has a very familiar feel, you know, because it’s the same as the Torker LX.

make an airseat out of the torker lx saddle

He’s right, your best choice would be to spend 3 bucks and an afternoon airseating your Saddle:

Big Tubesock
Duct Tape
12", 16", or 18" tube
tools to open/close up your seat cover

Aply air and let cook at 350° for 20 minutes and voila, comfy airsaddle.

I myself use only air, no foam. The KH seems to suck a nut more than the airsaddle. Just based on the fact of the angle on it provides for some serious nutbusters, but for muni, it’s great.

wait so if I buy the KHF I’ll have to have a new seat post? Arnt they all the same standard size?

I made an airseat out of the Torker and LOVE IT.
It makes seat out stuff (like trials) easier because the air compresses for the thumb holding the seat.

Moreover, you can change the air pressure in the seat to give different riding feels - like I add air - and it is like I raised my seat (good for climbing and distance) and lower air for trials and rough off-road riding. You can change your seat pressure to match your mood. Although one time I used high pressure in the tire and high pressure in the seat, and I could barely ride - it was as though I was on a different unicycle altogether.

It’s all about the kh fusion

Viscount airseat with SW or Kinport handle. As of right now you cant get a SW handle though.

I like to call the viscount with a handle (like mine) the poor mans miyata.

If you want a saddle that is stiff and one that will last you need to build your own out of a CF base with Kinposrt handle/bumper. Everyother saddle that I have tried (all that are currently on the market) have failed to meet my expectations of preformance or longevity.


VIscount air saddle with KH handle and cover:


I might as well make a airseat for my uni…