Best saddle

I’m looking to buy a new saddle. What do people think is probably the best saddle out there for all around riding (mainly MUni). I’ve gotten the impression that the KH saddle is pretty good, but I haven’t heard too much about it…

I have the KH saddle. It is a pretty good saddle but it makes your hand sore from seat out jumping. My friend has the new Torker saddle and it is about the same. Kelly.

  1. Miyata with air. This can either be done by hand, or purchased premade by The plain Miyata seat is a good design, but not nearly as comfortable as the KH.

  2. KH/Velo, no modifications needed!

NOTE: each crotch is different. Whether or not the above is the general consensus of the unicycling community here, your own preferences may vary.

I’d recommend the KH for MUni and other long-distance riding, and the Miyata for street/trick and other short-distance riding. That’s how the pros seem to do it anyway.

  1. KH Carbon Seatbase, with KH foam padding transplanted. Will probably be better with less foam. (+/-) Reeder/phallic handles

  2. KH standard seat

  3. Carbon fibre Airseat- either miyata or KH

  4. KH carbon fibre seatbase with foam strips

  5. Miyata standard seat

KH or miyata air seat. you can buy some really nice seats from but they’re big figures.

Viscount, heavy, bumpers poorly attached, but reasonably comfortable. I have Viscounts on most of my unis, and have often managed an hour in the saddle without a stop. However, after an hour or so, it starts to get a bit uncomfortable.

Miyata: I have a standard (non-air) Miyata on my 28. Good for 40 minutes or so. It’s surprisingly comfortable until it stops being comfortable, if you see what I mean. It has the advantage of being light, with well attached bumpers and a reasonable built in handle.

Velo: I had a Velo and couldn’t get on with it. The padding is deep and soft, but there seems to be too much of it, and in the wrong places. On a long ride, my goolies would float to the surface, causing discomfort. The Velo is well made, with good solid bumpers.