best saddle for freestyle??? what do you use?

My lx seat just broke from falling down trying to wheel walk, I’m incredibly bummed and I have 60 bucks to buy a new saddle and I really want to make sure I get the best one I can. My only complaints from the lx were that it was too wide in the back, and the handle was cheesy. Any advice on which saddle to get would be super duper ultra extra mega helpful:D :smiley: :smiley:

The KH street/freestyle saddle would be stellar.

will a KH fit an lx? i don’t think it will.

I’ve tried a miyata and I don’t like them so much. and they don’t have them on udc anyway.

I also realize that I’m going to have to get a new seatpost so don’t worry about that.

My next saddle when I completely destroy my current DX saddle (stiffener plate is bent) is going to be an LX saddle from UDC since they dont have miyata saddles and the LX comes with a post, then add a GB4 stiffener plate, and a handle stiffener. I would look into this setup, and then if you really dont like the handle then get a kinport or something. Im not really concerned about this though because I have switched over to almost strictly SIF trials. Only bad thing about this setup is that the stiffener plate is really heavy, but thats not a big deal.

I have an lx but no gb4 stiffener plate. I just don’t like the saddle that much, too wide in the back and the cover rips too easily. is the nimbus any good?

You could get this, this, or this as for a better seat cover, and then cut down the foam in the back to make it skinnier.Then get a $10 GB4 plate. By the way, how is the stock LX cover held on? WIth clips, or stpales?

but after you cut down the foam in the back, the bumber is going to stick way out because it wraps around the whole back of the seat.

Yeah your right. Anyway, how is the stock cover held on?

its held on by clips. it’s coming off in alot of places too. the clips aren’t that strong.

You could get the $25 gemcrest vinyl cover that I had in one of my above links, that is held on with a drawstring.

that would have been useful a few days ago, my lx saddle litterally broke in half.

I use my DX seat.

I think I might chop the foam down a bit, but I can’t do that till I find my staple gun.

i like the koxx seats…

well with an lx only myata or LX seats will fit so u’ll need a new seatpost if you go for a velo type saddle (KH, Velo, koxx-one, united, viscount…)

If you dont like the Myata then either repair ur LX or get a KH street or a koxx-one, i love koxx-one street/trial saddles too… but u’ll need a new seatpost. NBut those arent exactly very expensive…

im going to get a new saddle soon too, mainly b/c i dont like how bulky the DX one is and i don’t want to cut it down. i wanted to get a koxx saddle and the only ones that renegade juggling has are the original ones in red and grey. i wanted to know how thick they are. like a trials seat or similar to the new kh street seat or if there is any place i could get an dorange bud seat. will they even fit on the DX seatpost?

Anybody know what the difference is between Torker LX and Miyata saddles? They look like the same thing.

All my Freestyle was done with Miyata saddles, but they have changed over the years and today I think I’d go with a low-profile KH with no front handle.

Exactly zero difference. LX is a miyata copy as far as i’m concerned. Seen them side by side and examined thoroughly. The LX seat says “Torker” on the back and its a different colour :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d usually recommend LX/Miyata seat for freestyle as I like to have a handle and the KH handle is too big. Plus the Miyata style is nice to hold/ride/spin imho

My current preference is the Nimbus gel seat. It’s very flat and the cover material makes it get out the seat for seat out tricks.

I emailed the guy at renegade juggling and he said that they also have the blueberry and white widdow saddles so I’m buying a white widdow.