best replies to comments from non-riders


What are the best replies to comments from non-riders like “Where’s your other wheel?”?

Surely 100,000 unicyclists have/can come up with replies that are funny and disarming.

Them: You lost a wheel!
Me (mysteriously): Or did I find one?

I’m hoping that the next time I get WYOW, I’ll have the presense of mind to come back with something like…

“What are you talking about?”

Or, since there usually is not a lot of time, just “What?”. I might as well get them to explain the wittiest and most original joke in the world to me, which they’ve just come up with, so they ought to know; and maybe they can even show me how it is supposed to be funny, since that still escapes me. You know, benefit of the doubt and all that. Having to explain their joke will require more work than it could possibly be worth.

Another idea that I haven’t tried out yet is to just come back with…

“Where’s your unicycle?”

I actually like that one better. Might make a good tshirt.

If they say they don’t have one, then they ought to be able to extrapolate the same answer to the whereabouts of my other wheel. If they do have one, then they ought to know better. It adapts to variants such as “what happened to the rest of your bike?” just by rearranging words, eg: “what happened to your unicycle?”

Also, there are other threads like this one.

There’s one thread I remember that had lots of these:

Thanks. I did search, but couldn’t find that thread.

Today I head-cammed a 6 or so mile scenic ride around town, and didn’t get one WYOW comment. That is, until I got close enough to my house that I turned the camera off… Even as I was taking it off my head, an old guy on a bike appeared as if by magic, pointed at me with full force and shouted for the (empty) street to hear, “OI, WHERES YOUR OTHER WHEEL” I simply said “I don’t need the training wheel anymore” :slight_smile: He shut up instantly.

This morning I actually had another wheel with me (I am building a 29er) as I did my morning commute across seattle on my 24" muni and no one asked. I was devastated…

An oldie but a goody:

Q. “Where’s your other wheel?”

A. “On my other unicycle.”

them: WYOW
me: The bike was half off

I’m definitely going to use that one.


last week someone asked me where my other wheel was, And I replied “i only need one”

he had no comeback line.

then there was the group of drunks asking me if i could ride my uni. I said “no I just carry it around for a fashion statement”

I rode it past them a few minutes later and they looked kind of butthurt, because they were acting real cocky trying to taunt me into riding it earlier.