Best quality muniak video

Do anyone know how to download the best quality version of muniac, I
only get to download the 27 mb version, not the 126 mb which probably
has much better quality.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Their web site says to contact them. I haven’t gotten around to it yet. It’s one of my favorite videos. I’ve watched it countless times. Maybe they are reading this. So, how do we get the high quality version of that awesome video?

uni57 (Dave)

I’m confused…

Isn’t it the one at the bottom of this gallery page?

Edit: Argh! Test links before opening mouth. I’ll shut up now…


Hi everyone, thanks for your interest in the muniac movie. I’m aware that the link for the large 126 MB version is not working. This is probably a problem with the way the gallery server was set up for that large file (Gilby said he put that one file on the FTP server and made it be seamlessly accessable from the HTTP link). If it’s not a server problem, I would guess Gilby probably took it off the server, and I don’t blame him (I’m sure it sucks a lot of bandwidth). If someone else happens to have web space for that file, that would be great. Otherwise, I don’t really have any other way of posting it online.

-Ben Turley

…and just in case you were wondering, we’ll be releasing a dvd soon of our latest stuff (we’re just working on music licensing).


Check your email.

uni57 (Dave)

It now works again. Not sure what caused this, but the anonymous ftp login didn’t work.

I just finished downloading the movie (a bit of a marathon). There’s some really amazing stuff in there. My favourite bit by far is the riding for ages along the top of the fence. Great work!

When I play the movie on my computer it doesn’t play smoothly. It plays little fragments of the video then pauses and skips out other bits. Is this just because my compter’s not good enough? It’s 3 years old.


I need to learn to ride skinnies better. I don’t think I’d last too long on top of that fence.

The video should play smoothly. Playing video is usually not CPU bound (meaning that the CPU is usually not the limiting performance factor). It could be that you don’t have enough RAM for the video player to buffer video (you probably want 128MB or more). It could be that a background application isn’t sharing resources very well or is interrupting the video player while it’s reading from the disk. Try shutting down all of the background applications that you can (things like virus scanner, etc.). If it still won’t play smoothly maybe your harddrive is heavily fragmented. If that’s the case then try defragmenting the drive.