best price on kh 29?

anybody know of a better deal than this one @ 539.10 shipped free?—


psyched to start balance ®evoluting.

Well i did find this one, but it’s more expensive then yours. :thinking:


I welcome you to the forums icdb with open arms and mighty big hugs.

If you require assistance/help. Don’t hesitate/feel free to ask me or PM me as i will always be here to help you with your unicycling problems to the best of my knowledge as i’m sure everyone on this forum will too also. By the way you can call me Harry if you want. But again, welcome to the forums.

So have fun, enjoy, relax and welcome to the wonderful world of unicycling.

Your new friend. :smiley:
Harry a.k.a HAZMAT

That works out to aprox $90 to $100 off regular price (including the free shipping) A fair deal. If you have access to a local bike shop or distributor of KH uni’s you might do better, or contact Hazmat’s suggestion (AE Bikes) and talk to them. They have been known to offer some very competative prices.

e-mail for them for the best price.

Wow, there’s so many other sellers of KH now that UDC might have to lower their prices.

It still doesn’t benefit me in New Zealand where basically everything is double what it would be elsewhere :frowning:

hey folks,
the bikemannetwork price involves a $17.25 shipping charge which brings total cost over my original find by a few bucks.

i’ve sent an email to alfred e bike to see if they can get under the bicycle warehouse deal.

thanks for the help!