Best Places - Unicycle Touring

Here’s a topic that I could not find other threads on.

What places have you found that are really good for Unicycling?

My favorites:

  1. Sanibel Island, Florida: The “Shell Capital of the World”; this island has many miles of bike paths and beaches along with lots of great restaurants. Although the main road, Periwinkle Way, stays quite congested with tourist traffic, other roads on the island are quiet and flat. In the center of the island is the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge Park with over 5 miles of paved paths along scenic vistas of mangrove forests and beaches. You’ll see a variety of unusual bird life as well as an occassional alligator. Great place for a family vacation.

  2. Fort DeSoto Park, St. Petersburg,Florida: The beaches at this natural park were rated as the best in the US a few years ago. In my view, nothing has changed. The park has a terrific paved trail that runs for several miles with great views of palm trees and the ocean. Nearby, you can unicycle the downtown of St. Petersburg, which has many interesting sites like the Dali Museum, the Pier, Museum of Fine Art, etc.

I’d be interested in hearing of other places in the world that are great for unicycle touring.


  1. Highway 50 runs the entire width of Nevada. It’s the most fun I have ever had on wheels. You must summit (about 6000 feet) and the ride down hill for about 20 minutes, then ride for hours across a massive valley then repeat. This is because the mountain range runs north south. “The lonliest road in America” as it is dubbed with signs a long the way would make an awesome ride. Here is the plotted route. Small towns only occur every 80 or so miles.

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Also I want to look into to riding the entire underground railroad from Ontario to Mobile, Alabama.

of all the places ive been to unicycle Rowhedge (where i live) and Clacton are the best. There was some trials here in Rowhedge but theyve demolished the old factory we use to ride around, so now theres isnt much trials at all. On the other hand there is acres and acres of woodland and dissused, over grown pits to ride muni in, so thats fun. Clacton is ok theres loads of stuff to jump on and its a beach, a bonus but not amazing, and thats a cool place to ride. Colchester is boring now becase what there was to do there has been done. I need to go further but my parents wont let me!!

Im going to cyprus in the summer and im thinking about taking my unicycle there, is it worth taking it, is there any good places to ride there??

Moab. This can be everything from super-gnarly technical MUni/Trials to wide-open road riding. Spectacular scenery, though if you ride inside the national parks you may get hassled.

BTW, watch out for US 50 in California. It starts out as a freeway in West Sacramento, and dwindles down to a two-lane road in the Sierra Nevada mountains as it climbs toward Lake Tahoe. All of it heavily trafficked and not recommended for cyclists! Once you cross the main drag in Carson City you will very soon be in the middle of nowhere.

Didn’t see this post before. Yeah, we started our tour in Carson City, but I saw what it was like before Carson City and it was busy. Does anyone else have any favorite touring spots? Avec photos?

Aspen Mike I’m looking in your direction…