Best place to chairlift up, then ride down???

My nephew and I will have a Saturday in Provo in a couple of weeks. Which ski resort has the best terrain for riding the lifts up, then taking on the gnarly stuff coming down?

I know Sundance lets you ride the lifts, but it looks more cross country than downhill. Are others better… Snowbird maybe???


David Maxfield
Mitchell, South Dakota

I know Snowbird allows MTBs (ride up via the Tram…much better than chairlifts), and I believe that will include unis. I know they did a Snowbird ride during the NAUCC that was held in Salt Lake, but I’m not positive whether unis are “allowed always”, or whether this was a special arrangement. Hopefully Foss-san knows, and can chime in. It’s a big big drop…3,000 vertical feet from top of tram to bottom.

I believe Park City and Deer Valley also have lift serviced runs, although these would be considerably further for you if you’re based in Provo. Sundance is closest by far. I’m not familiar with their summer lift-biking, overall, the resort has some decent trails, steeps, trees, etc. It doesn’t have the huge vertical drop that Snowbird has, but if you don’t mind getting on the chair more often due to shorter runs, I think the terrain would still be quite good.

I’m jealous…I miss Utah, and Snowbird in particular.