Best Place to buy 4x4 661 Leg Armor

Hey Everyone!

My Kris Holm leg armor are far past replacement and I am considering 661 4x4 Leg Armor and was wondering where I could get them for the best price.

Also any other leg armor recommendations are appreciated but I didn’t really like my Kris Holm pads because they made my skin really sensitive and my friends Pat Lally and Eli Brill had the same problem with this.

But anyways thanks in advance for the help


P.S. Not sure if this is the right section so i’m sorry if it isn’t.

I got mine brand new off ebay for about 20 bucks, shipping took 4 months so I don’t know if that’s the best suggestion.

but hey, check it out. You might get lucky.

dunno watcha mean by sensitive…i guess you mean they rub your skin raw?

the 661’s won’t entirely prevent that, just lettin ya know.

my skin still gets raw sometimes if i ride long enough…but you gotta just deal with it and your skin will get tough!

My 4x4’s have rubbed my skin in spots until it bleeds. I put duct tape on those “hot spots” to help solve that problem. I think most leg armor will rub in some annoying way.

Yeah i know it will rub my legs it was more of like a rash would appear and it happened pretty bad at NAUCC but then went away and now its back again but has been there for like 2 or 3 weeks so I finally decided its time for a change but if I still get the rash then i can’t blame it on the KH pads but i think it is and a reason could be because they are a year or so old but this is a really huge run on sentence! score!

As a teacher, I love a good, run on sentence (I teach science, not that nasty English subject).

Maybe it’s the heat and bacteria in the leg armor causing your rash. I know that mine smells terrible after one or two rides after washing. When they were new, it was lots of riding before they started to smell. I wish I knew something to kill the stink germs. I’m not sure that spraying alcohol is good for the fabric. Same with the gel pads of shorts and the uni seat.

Yeah happened to me too… I dunno if the 661s are better though, hasn’t happened yet, but I haven’t worn them for 10 hours per day for a week either.

Yeah I definently agree with you on how the bacteria could be the reason behind the rash and yeah i have the same problem of my pads stinking a few rides after I wash them. Maybe peaches and onions like off the Movie Holes haha

And Julia, i’m glad to hear i’m not the only one and yeah thats what Eli said to, that he hasn’t had the problem with 661’s pads yet so i’ll try them, I just wanna get them at a reasonable price if I can.

Thanks everyone for there input.

Here’s a tip that works pretty damn well for me. After EVERY ride, spray your gear down with Lysol. I do this to my sweaty MMA gear at it helps them last much longer before they stink so much I need to replace various parts.

I have done this from day one with my uni gear. None of it stinks and I haven’t had a rash from rubbing at all.