Best pictures of 2019 for World Unicycling Calendar

Let’s celebrate another amazing unicycling year, and post the best pictures of 2019 in this thread.

Also, I want to create the World Unicycling Calendar 2020, with (twelve) pictures exclusively from 2019.
When finished, the calendar will be available for free to anyone as a pdf file to print a paper copy for yourself, and hang on your wall. I will post details in this thread once I’m done.
I’ve made the World Unicycling Calendar since 2011. Previous calendars can be found in this forum (use the Search function).

For the calendar, I am looking for pictures that are spectacular, amazing, remarkable and/or funny, and have a WOW factor to them. This WOW factor may be based on expert riding, gorgeous scenery, picture quality (technically, compositionally) or other aspects, preferably in combination.
I’d like to include a wide spectrum of disciplines such as muni, road riding, track racing, urban, freestyle, team sports, …

I will consider any pictures that get posted (or linked) in this thread within the next two weeks or so. It’s OK to post low-res, because if the picture would pass pre-selection I’ll contact you for a high-res version.
In addition, I will browse through the “Pictures of your latest ride” thread for posts made in 2019.

Hi Klaas,

here are some images for your kind consideration.
The shots with the orange shirts are from Climbing for Life where we climbed the Ballon D’Alsace and the Plance Des Belles Filles with a group of 32 unicyclists.

The young lady is my daughter trying the 24" Muni for the first time :slight_smile:









2nd batch





This one is from a recent trip to Moab, Utah :slight_smile:

Need a uni basketball pic? (More at the link).

I see you also have those “hooglandrunderen” blocking your way there. The bulls aren’t easily scared, but last time as I wanted to pass some cows they panicked and started running. Then I did have to get off. On the Veluwe Natuurmonumenten write on the signs to keep them at a distance of at least 25 metres and at the same time stick to the paths. That often clashes.

I like the supergirl pic :slight_smile:

I’m going to go through my 2019 pics and hope to fine something worthy. Problem with my local rides; most of them are scenery pictures, which I don’t consider worthy without unicycles in them… :frowning:

I love what Quax1974 has submitted! Got to include at least one of those charity ride photos. The group shots are good. I also like #4, the bull, and the young lady improperly riding her Hoverboard. :smiley:

And I hope you can include one of Tom’s pics from the PR tournament; that was a historic event. Too bad it didn’t attract more unicyclists. Such an event might attract a lot more riders during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, or if you add more events to attract a wider audience. But for best results, I recommend they just host another Unicon for guaranteed results. :sunglasses:

I dislike how this site has maximum photo sizes…

If the photo you want to post here is posted anywhere else on the internet it is easy to post larger quality photos on this site. Just paste the URL of the photo into the message with the little “image” icon above the message box.

Just reduce the photo’s size before uploading.

If you decide to use any of these, please don’t use these versions. Contact me to get the full res copies. Thanks.

A problem with that is that URLs tend to go extinct. This week I browsed through Pictures of your latest ride, and just about every other picture is missing.

But uhm I kinda got stuck at the photo in the calendar from March 2019 with the 2 girls with red dresses on the freestyle unis. I really like it. Maybe I should hang it on its own, and quickly through december run through the other months of the calendar, so Im ready for the one for next year :).
Thanks for your initiative of the calendar Klaas.

Haha, yes that is a beautiful picture.
BTW, you have posted 999 posts. Make something special for 1000! :slight_smile:

There were some photos posted recently of one of our contributors walking their dog while riding a giraffe.

One of them was posted on fb in September and is on my candidates list since then.

I’m still pondering if ‘walking’ their dog is the right word here.

Couple of reasons for that. The one that’s most noticeable for us users, is that if someone posts a photo at the full size from his camera, for example, it blows out the page width of that whole page in the thread, and you have to scroll around the image to actually see it. The other reason is bandwidth; on threads like these with lots of pictures, giant images can really slow things down.

For Klaas, the idea is to send your full-res images directly to him.

If you’d like a full-sized digital copy I can arrange that. :slight_smile:

The dog is walking, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a selection of pictures pulled for 2019; I just have to clean them up. Looks like I pulled 35 or so, but those will be culled before I send them out…

This is at a later stage. For now, post images just in this thread so all of us can enjoy them. (See the first sentence of my original post.) For that purpose, and also for selecting calendar pictures the 800 px size limit is good enough. I will contact owners of the selected pictures for a full-res version.
Tholub usually (also now, post #5 in this thread) conveniently posts a 800 px picture, and links it to the appropriate flickr album where a high resolution version can be downloaded. Best of all worlds.

Oh well, maybe the dog is walking Leo, but Leo would be ‘riding’ the dog. Somehow that doesn’t sound right though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Patiently awaiting your pulling and culling process…

Okay, I’ve got 31 contenders. I will reproduce some in this thread, but you can see them all here:

Each filename starts with a 2-digit number. Here are the captions by number:
01: Ironic sign outside a bike shop in Folsom, CA
02 - 05: California Winter Muni at Rockville Hills Park, January 27
02: Jason Little, Ashley Foster, Tom Holub and Bevan Gerber-Siff
03: Ashley Foster heading down a wonderful switchback with gnarly corners
04: Jason Little, creator of the Sacramento Unicycle Club/Meetup group
05: John Foss with some colorful manzanita
06: That’s a map of Folsom, California bike paths. Those are all bike paths or bike lanes!
07: Another funny sign, this one along the American River Bike Path, in Folsom. That’s not a road either.
08 and 09: Culvert Trail, Auburn, CA. This was the first ride at the world’s first Muni Weekend, in 1996. An older picture of this same spot is in the Kris Holm book, on page 167. If you compare to the book, you’ll see the trail is completely different now.
10: 45" Big Wheel and Jump bikes, downtown Sacramento
11: This is not far from my house. I believe that sign is there because somebody recently drove through that fence, which is at a T intersection. You can see some of the old fence in the background. I tried to make my unicycle look drunk…
12: I think they’re trying to tell us something…
13: John Foss riding on a disused railroad track near the El Dorado Bike Trail, in El Dorado County, CA (photo taken by Ashley Foster with John’s camera)
14 and 15: A quilt made from Beau Hoover’s unicycling T-shirts. Lots of great memories there!
16: Time to re-up this sticker on my car! The California sun will destroy everything, in time.
17: 36er On The Rocks. This is next to a bike path in El Dorado Hills, CA
18: Salmon Falls Trail, El Dorado Hills, CA. This was the second day’s ride at the first-ever Muni Weekend.
19 - 21: Cyclocross racing at the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado (makers of Fat Tire Pale Ale). This was the first competition event of NAUCC (the North American Unicycling Convention and Championships).
19: Starters in the Unlimited class, which is wheels over 29" or geared unicycles
20: Richard Tharett of the Redford Township Unicycle Club, bouncing over the couch obstacle, on his way to winning that category
21: Cyclocross riders come in many sizes! (names can be figured out if needed)
23 - 30: X-Style competition at NAUCC. I think my favorite ones are 26 and 28
31: Irene Genelin passing through the finish line in the Downhill race
32: Sorting through unicycles and parts from the John Hooten collection; more than 25 years of accumulation while he taught the Boy Scouts of Troop 121 (now known in the unicycling world as Troopizi). He passed away suddenly in 2018 and I try to help carry on his legacy.

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