Best pictures of 2018 for World Unicycling Calendar

Now that the year comes to an end, let’s post the best pictures of 2018 here. I’ll start with a picture taken by myself: Mathias Bracke from Belgium, riding on water.

Also continuing the tradition from the last few years, I want to create again the World Unicycling Calendar 2019, exclusively with pictures from 2018. The calendar will be available for free to anyone as a single downloadable pdf file to print a paper copy for yourself.
I’ve done this since 2011. Previous calendars can be found in the forum.

For the new calendar, I am looking for pictures that are amazing, remarkable or funny, and in general have a WOW factor to them. This may be from the riding, from the setting, from the picture quality (technically, compositionally) or other factors, preferably in combination.

For the 2018 calendar, I will consider any pictures that get posted (or linked) in this thread within the next week or so. I have already browsed through the “Pictures of your latest ride” thread for posts made in 2018, and also downloaded some pics from the fb group Unicycle Chat.

So far, I have mostly muni or road riding pics. I’d like to include other disciplines, such as racing, urban, freestyle and team sports. Where do those riders hang out?

At Neist Point, Isle of Skye, Scotland. October 2018

In September I went on a 8 day unipacking trip in Scotland along the Great Glen Way and the West Highland Way covering 270 kilometers.
The first picture is from the West Highland Way and the second one from the Great Glen Way just above Loch Ness.

I also have the pictures in higher resolution.

Ed Pratt’s grand depart from San Francisco:

Colin Beighley at Bernal Heights

Jenni Rinker in Fruita

Owen Farmer and the invisible unicycle

Nate Bernstein on Ribbon Trail, Fruita

Chris Labonte, Fruita

Unicycle fail

Unicycle fireworks at Justin and An’So’s wedding

(All available in high-quality on Flickr)

One more: Adam Foley, cave trials

What’s the story? Is this staged, or a UPD with the uni out of view?

The latter, not staged, just a fun capture.

The rider is Lou Matich. The photograph was taken by Diane Dempsey. Photo was taken on Wilmette Beach with Lake Michigan in the background in Wilmette, IL which is just north of Chicago, IL.

I can never pick only one or two:

This album contains 52 images (one for each week of 2018 I guess), and is still uploading as I write this. I don’t know all the names & things, but should be able to dig up most of them for any that might be chosen for the calendar. I’ll add some captions, too.

Many are in portrait orientation, but can be combined onto a page, or done as insets on other photos. Klaas, if you like any, I can do that part.

BTW, a couple were not taken by me; I will credit the shooters on those.

Enjoy, and Happy Unicycling in 2019!

John, I sent you an email.

El Mirage Drylake, California.

timoteusmunk scuba ready on the lake.

California Muni Weekend

Rider: Bevan Gerber-Siff

Hummingbird Trail, California

Rider: Olof Delight

Thank you Klaas Bil; it is always inspiring to see all the unicyclists from around the world. Here a few captures from my 2018’ adventures. Happy New Year.

Calendar is ready

The World Unicycling Calendar 2019 is ready, right on this New Year’s Day. Twelve stunning pictures all from 2018, one for each month, across a wide range of disciplines, such as touring, muni, trials, freestyle and more.
Thanks again to the photographers for their amazing contributions!

The calendar is available for anyone interested as a free pdf download. Request your personal copy by Private Message (not a visitor message) and state your e-mail address. Or send an e-mail to klaas.bil (at) unicyclist (dot) com.

The pictures below show
(1) the calender (hanging in my room),
(2) the 12 selected pictures, and
(3) the 30-ish pictures (not processed) that were certainly suitable but didn’t make it through.