Best pictures of 2014

Best pictures of 2014

The “Pictures of your latest ride” thread contains some amazing pictures. Perhaps we should collect the best pics of the year in a special Best Pics thread, like we did in previous years. Of course they can also be pictures that haven’t been posted yet.

My ‘secret’ plan is to make a 2015 unicycling calender of it. While this is primarily for personal use, I’m willing to share a printable pdf file for private and non-commercial use, like before. I’ll post about it in this thread.

Just to get the thread started, I attach one of the pictures taken yesterday for our New Years card. This may not be a “best picture” but I didn’t find anything more spectacular.

Please post!

My meager contribution. I know someone like Mike, Turtle, or Vookash will post some mind blowing pictures here, but this is my favorite ride/picture of this year.

Beautiful picture, also goes well with your sig. But are you walking there?

This was my first summer of Muni and it was great, I had so much fun!!
Thanks to Kiefer for ridding with me and pushing me to ride harder :smiley:
Here are a few pictures of my epic Muni year.

I got some unpublished about snow that can be suggestions for one of the winter months :wink:

Chet, thanks for putting up with me this summer. You won’t be looking back now, you’ve progressed so much.

That’s chet walking in the picture :).

I was pondering what lies ahead in the misty mountain tops before mounting my 36er and commencing forthwith. :wink:

Looking forward to the new edition, Klaas Bil! I printed out your calendar last year and had it up in my cubicle at work all year – it was great to look at, and also provided opportunities to talk about unicycling with my co-workers from time to time. Thanks mucho!

Here’s mine! In Whistler, BC. Post-Unicon muni trip with awesome people.

Photo taken by Stephanie Dietze!

Non-action shots allowed??

Here’s mine, obviously I didn’t take the picture so all credit goes to my brother.

Venice Beach

Noli Ergas slack lining.
Photography: Tim Lovasen

Fat tire beach pics from me!

if this does’t make it in I don’t know what should.

^^Photo credit goes to my favorite riding buddy, pstrick!

A great one from Muni Weekend 2014 in Santa Monica!

Summer 2014

Nice 20 mile ride along the Clearwater Bridge in Tampa, FL


Thanks Killian for belief in me. I thought there are not so many good photos this year, but when i was preparing my best of gallery for 2014 I’ve found some. If you want to see summary of my uni 2014, please check It should be accessible even without facebook login.
First photo by Piotr Grajner, second by Krystian Maciejczyk. Remaining ones taken by my wife or myself.

From Cappadocia