Best Photos of 2008

Why is Bevan’s foot, Off, the pedal?!?!?

Because he’s failed to slow down on a really steep, loose section. Click on the image for the whole story.

Tom, I think I like the photo of Karl the best, although I really like the colors and scenery of the RTL photo. It reminds me of some quirky event held on some imaginary English countryside. Also, I hope Jess got disqualified for having guns like that on the ride.

Because I enjoy crashes like that almost as much as riding. And Tom, I eventually slowed down to a stop. I just used my left leg and arm as a brake.

The most pictures I don´t have on my pc, so only two,for the first :roll_eyes:

enaddi profl.jpg

20_12%20nadine (2).jpg

A cool photo of my KH36.


And one of my KH 36:)

Ooh…Forgot about MOAB.

Night time Uni-Basketball

Where’s Waldo?

My unicycle.

me from trials at CMW. I really like these.

I like the muddy muni one. I just wish it was in a higher resolution.

turtle you should post your photos anyyways because your ones on the other picture thread seem just fine

Not wanting to start another topless debate but these pictures are from one of the best unicycling experiences I had last year.

and now for something completely different, ( sunglasses and shorts)

the best ever…

“the only way it could be better is if it had tits… and was on fire” Yahtzee, zero puncuation.

Shurikens and lightning. I think your photos are awesome.

aint nothing better then a gun that shoots shurikens and lighting

my personal best of 2008 album contains 80 pictures :astonished: so its hard for me to pick the best ones… and all of them are taken by camera phone as lready said…but anyway, i think this one was the best (maybe others will follow, or how many are allowed in the rules?)
the real moooohni

Gets my vote.

Wow those were some really nice pictures. My favourites were madison’s where the uni was sitting on the beach ( I have it as my background now), the night basketball, where’s waldo, and turtle’s picture.

Still my favorite of mine: