Best Photos of 2007

No, Josh is that good where he rode down smoothly with control!

Here’s another picture of John Long in midair on the Stagecoach Trail in Simi Valley:

Cody doing a 360 at the bottom of Stagecoach Trail in Simi Valley:

Colin Schworer riding down The Luge Trail in the Santa Ana Mts. As you can see this is where one of the wildfires were and everything is burnt.

I’ll end with a scenic one of my uni in Joshua Tree National Park.

March 07’ at 3383 meters high, 11,100’.

Some great pics so far, fellas! Keep 'em coming!

These are two of my favorites that we took:

…they came from this thread: PICS: Mud Caves/Arroyo Tapiado

You gotta love the juxtaposition of the high desert(Joshua Tree) with 11K foot snow riding, then back to the desert with Erik’s(Mango’s) pix.


I hadn’t seen Mike’s snow shot before, and I had forgotten about the trio uni jump shot>>>> gottttttuh love it!!

Found a couple more that I wanted to post. Here’s me in Moab on the Porcupine Rim Trail. I LOVE that trail and will probably do it again in a few weeks!

Some dude jumping off a bathroom roof at Moab.

Jim (munivision) risking his life for a picture at Moab!

Thomas from Denmark enjoying the Grand Canyon.

Saved by a uni! Thomas and Kristian at the Grand Canyon.

Me pedal grabbing at the Grand Canyon.

Kristian hand wheel walking on a ledge at the Grand Canyon.

Kristian doing hopping on wheel at the Grand Canyon.

And last but not least, Kristian again doing seat drop at the Grand Canyon.

my favorite 4 pictures from 2007, also my only good photos from 2007 in general… my favorite is the third one…





I am going to put in three that were all taken by Ken on the South Island New Zealand unitour:

  1. Me and Tony riding up the Crown Range:

  1. Franz Josef Glacier