best pedals?

hey, I just got a 20in. KH trials and I was wondering what are good pedals because I don’t like the snafu ones. They try to eat my leg.:stuck_out_tongue:

The leg eating is what’s going to happen on all trials/muni/distance pinned pedals. Get leg armour, such as $30 661s from

Most trials riders wear leg armour, something that covers the front part of the lower leg and the knee. SixSixOne make the 4x4 which offers good protection. A cheaper solution is to get soccer shin guards.

Even a plastic pedal on a unicycle can really rip up your shin, given enough power behind it.

Edit: Tyler beat me to it, oh well. It’s still good advice. :slight_smile:

all that is true but if you’re looking for decent pedals I have had my DMR V12’s for about 2years now and they are very strong and Don’t do too much damage to my shins, a less expensive option are V8’s

I think the V8/V12 tend to eat your shins just as much as Snafus (trust me I´ve tried both) the only real difference is that the V12s have more pins that rips up youre skin more efficiently.

The only good and lasting solution to the problem is to get some leg pads. Or plastic pedals if you don´t mind replacing them quite often.

for those 661 leg and knee protectors is it all around protection? or just in the front?

i belive it fairly good all round…but the main focus is on the front.

i have trouble in the back the pedal came under and literally pulled my leg from under me…scratch the back of my legg pretty good too…

the new 4x4s only have a thin cloth around tghe back to help w/ the velcro i think but as long as it doesnt hit you too hard in the calf youll be fine probably just a dead leg, especially if the pedal hits the velcro it deffinitly wont draw blood

Definitely get some leg armour, its pretty cheap for 661 stuff in the US, and tried and tested by the vast majority of extreme (and some non-extreme) riders.

Pedals wise, for trials/street use, the Odyssey Jimmy C’s (I think danscomp have them) are a very, very competent pedal due to high grip, tough & beefy body design, completely removable pins (for a grindside pedal) and a nice knurled surface.


everybody should worship jim c’s. they are far better for street and trials unicycling than anything else on the market.

then I should get 661 armor and eventually jimmy c’s?

i actually don’t like the jimmy c’s for grip. i think there’s several pedals that grip better than them, granted if you’re grinding, etc then maybe they’re for you, but i don’t think the pins are long enough/in the right places. snafu’s are pretty good imo.

I would suggest to just keep the Snafu’s, their not bad or anything, I liked 'em just fine. Get some leg armor and don’t worry about it…

Snafus have good size pins for those rare occasions when you want to ride in a blizzard on the steepest, roughest terrain with snowboots on.

Jim Cs come with a full set of spare pins that are just as big as the snafus. Jim Cs also offer a larger pedal platform than SNAFUs which is always good for unispins etc.

On Jim Cs, the amount of grip you get is completely customisable because out of the eight pin holes on each side of each pedal, you can leave in as many pins as you like. I personally go with 6 small pins on each side but thats just coz I’ve lost a few and want to distribute the grip evenly.

I will have the SNAFU ones if any one wants to donate them ( i will pay shipping)

get leg armor and eastons