Best Pedals for Light Trials/ Everyday street riding?

What are the best pedals for doing light trials such as jumps, and street riding?
The pedals I have now are crap wellgo’s. Please help!

I’d stick with the crap welgos I actually like them better than other pedals.

Just my opinion but unless there broken or something keep em.

The wellgo pedals have gotten their PLASTIC grip studs worn down from pedal slides.

The plastic Odyssey Twisted pedals are awesome, I definitely suggest those.

I got new regular metal Odyssey pedals and they are awesome for 30$ it is a deal =p.

Forgive me I knew not that your pedals were plastic. I’ve been told that the Jimmy C’s are really good, I’ve never tried them because I’ve also been told they don’t have a lot of grip so I use wellgos that have 2 extra pins in them works great.

So my suggestion is get some cheap pedals at your Local Bike Shop if you wan’t something a bit fancier and don’t really want anything super grippy spend the extra dough on some Jimmy C’s.

And unless you really wan’t sealed bearings don’t let the salesperson talk you into getting them :p.

Kona Jackshi*s.

They’re the best.
i have them on my muni and street/trials machine.
I love them.

i love my jimmy c’s

theyre not as grippy as snafus are, but if you want to do flip tricks its better that way cause its easier to get your foot off.

that said. theyre still pretty grippy and they are insanely strong.

ive had mine for just under a year now, and i havent tightened up the pins on it yet, and theyre all still in there an dtight, even after people peddal grabbing up concrete ledges etc.

I think i will need some new pedals soon :frowning: but i like the ones i have the only problem is that the make a bad noise when you pedal hard they look fine, are well greased up and spin fine but when pedaling they make a horible noise.

I use K1 Biscuit plastic pedals. Those are cheap, light and good for street. Weight is 362 g (not bad, it think).

the k1 biscuits look nice actually, not got any actually but might do. Cheap as well.

i like the Kpro Stimulatorz too. But if u want to go metal… then alot people ride Jimmy C’s for street…

JC’s use hex screws for pins right? You could just get longer screws if you want more grip. I did that for my Kona pedals.

hoffman soulmates

best pedals evr

strong insanly grippy lightweight $30
best evr

jimmy C’s are better

not in my o/p
I just think that for what he is asking the DXs are teh best

i got the 24butterflys…they seem good to me…

hoffman soulmates are lighter, the pins stay in longer, and come in nifty(er) colors.

You forgot something Miles
…but they arent as cool.
there fixed it for you.

primos are the best.