Best Parade Ever!

One of our riders rode through a ‘pile’ :slight_smile:

Brian man, you must elucidate. What is a “pile” exactly in this case? None of the possibilities that spring to mind sound that great…


Haha, Iwas in a parade today and I did a 180 over a pile, the peole were laughing so hard!

Re: Best Parade Ever!

Hmm. Can you say “noob” lookalike?

My guess is a pile is a failed attempt by a newb, that results in a pile of him and his uni on the floor. Am i getting warm?

The pile was still warm when he rode through it :slight_smile:

Pile of crap is coming out of your mouth. LOL thats a hint

umm… is it horse crap?

im not saying horse crap smells good, but it smells a whole lot better than doggie crap!
-Just speaking from experience

you got that right.
but i still like to avoid any crap at all.

Yeah, it was horse crap alright, we were originally slated to ride right behind some horses, but we changed places with them…turns out there must have been several more further up :frowning:



ha a pile. thats kinda a funny way to say it.

That’s nasty!:stuck_out_tongue: