Best pants material for Ultimate Wheels?

Hello, assuming I can get my UW fixed, what is the recommended leg wear? All I had today were Roach pads, (even though I knew they snagged the wheel, it was either that or skin)

What does everyone wear as UW pants? Recommended material?

With this, I know that pants are worn to offer protection, but is there a material that is the most durable/protective/and grab resistant?

you need some Cordura or Balistic nylon pants.

While I’m learning to ride the UW I’m using hard plastic soccer shin guards. I turn them so they cover the inside of my leg rather than the front of my shin. The hard plastic lets the wheel slide and it also gives good protection for the sides of my shins. I was developing quite a sore spot on my shins from practicing, it wasn’t from the rubbing but rather the wheel slapping and leaning in to my shins.

Once my UW technique improves I will hopefully get to use some less bulky protection. The soccer pads are too bulky.

You do have silicone spray lubricant? Spray the side of the tire and your soccer pads and the wheel will slide through nicely.

David Bagley has done a lot of work on this and has an excellent solution involving tubular webbing for climbing:

He sews the webbing to the tire and to his leg pads. He’s an excellent rider and regularly rides his UW off-road, long distances, while juggling and while jumping rope so he knows his stuff.