Best padding/gel for Wallis Base?

What would padding for trials/street? I have all my parts exept the padding. I have a replacement myata cover.

If you have any kh foam then if you cut a piece of the top of that then it works well (use the top piece). That’s what I have on my CF base with a miyata cover and its really nice.

I have no padding whatsoever

If you have any old seat lying around, you can hack the foam out of it. Even viscount foam is better than no foam.

hmmm. one of the thigns I’ve been dying to try out for a while, is making a uni seat out of memory foam. you can get a free sample from, and have all your neighbors/friends order you some too and try that.

This is a fairly ‘noobie’ question…


Here goes: Can the SW Deathgrip handle be made to fit on a Velo plastic base? (eg. on Koxx and KH saddles). I seem to recall the deathgrip to have slightly different shaping where it bolts to the base. Though i may be wrong.