Best of Colby Thomas

A lot of the footage I’ve been collecting for a while now. I’m happy with the result (: Please let me know what you think of the filming, editing, and riding. I want to improve all three :slight_smile: Thanks!


Awesome video! Really huge tricks, and a good mix of street and flat. Most of the riding was nice and clean too!

Really enjoyed it !!! I’m glad the face plant was on the grass though :astonished:

Hey, thanks guys! :slight_smile: I appreciate the feedback!

Beautiful. This is what I’m talking about Colby, definitely the best video I’ve seen from you! Every single clip was similarly massive, plus the editing and filming were sick. For me the thing that stood out was the out backside flip, soooo tech/creative. Love it. :smiley:

YouTube link (:

Great video! i loved all the different places you rode and your style is amazing. How tall are you?

This was siick…your flip tricks are so crazy…early caught double down 9 was the best! Amazing work! Loved the whole video.

that double from the 9, was nice, but actually I loved the hole vid, really nice riding


siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickness! i love how your treydouble is cleaner than your trey hahaha styyyyyle… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wha I never commented one this?



ow :s forgot the post a comment ^^
awesome riding dude!!
flipmaster ² and I love the editing/music!! :smiley:

you have the best looking quads, and i downloaded this to my phone so i can see the best of Colby every second of the day:)

Colby, I love you and your best of video. I love your riding. It is all so Colby… Keep it up. I want more.