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Just a quick question, mainly for those british riders but this is also an international question, who are the best riders in britain?
That is the most technical freestylers, the most extreme triallers and any others.
Look forward to hearing everyones response,


Good question, i’d love to know the answer, i think cos no major DVDs have been shot over here (part from one wheel no fear 1 +2 of course) we don’t really have the ‘household’ name riders that the Yanks do. Surely there must be enough talent in the UK for a decent film?

Best place to start is the sponsored riders section of UDCUK… Here. Simon & Joe are Trials/Street, Leigh is freestyle & Trevor used to do trials & street and moved onto serious freestyle. And (not listed on the site) there’s Amanda, who’s a really good freestylist (as we’ve all seen).

Then of course there’s Roger himself who kind of does everything. There’s Kayleigh from Shooting Stars as well, she’s a good freestylist.

AFAIK There isn’t a really well known Muniist in the UK, at least not in the same way as KH is known.

Please feel free to append, modify & abuse these opinions :p.


I suggest Nick Molesworth, he’ll do anything to be popular.

The problem (if it counts as one) over here is that we’re all far too British. There are plenty of people who are really, really good riders, but we just don’t go on about it as much - no one wants to cause a fuss.


I think there’s an issue with riding styles in muni as far as videos, publicity etc goes. A lot of people here are more into flowing riding, riding uphill and downhill and riding really fast rather than all hoppy riding and only riding downhill. That’s much much harder to film than the sort of thing on most of the US videos. Only that video the other day from New Zealand has had any good filming of proper muni riding.

There is also the thing that most of the really good riders, like Joe Baxter and Roger seem to be pretty laid back and in it for the riding, rather than fussed about filming stuff.


I am not sure if I agree with you totally, you are using a word (Muni) coined by Duncan Castling who is British. Britain was also one of the countries where Muni began and certainly where it first got acclaim. When it comes to competing at Muni we don’t do too badly either. But I guess we are not known by most of the youngsters about because as Joe says, we don’t put things on film.


Trevor, who posts as unicycleboy on these forums (or used to), is a very very good freestylist from Britain.

Its just not the done thing to brag about ones riding ability.

The UK certainly does have its share of excellent riders, not may of them chose to appear on film or to compete internationaly. The first 24 hour race uniriders were british (Red Bull Mountain Mayhem 2000) , some of the first muni riders to compete AGAINST bike riders and do quite well were brits (Polaris MTB multiday orienteering events).

Naming no nanes

So now that we have narrowed that down, how many of you think its a good idea for some of us to get together and make a UK video?
Lets start of simply first, down worry about costs of production or anything like that, but who thinks it is possible and who thinks it is a good idea?


When it comes to getting British riders on film one of the problems is who’s going to be the camera operator? Everyone wants to be riding and enjoying themselves. I almost always take my DV camera with me on Muni rides yet get hardly any video and only a few photos. In fact the last few times I haven’t even got the camera out.

A UK unicycling video is long overdue and is something I’ve been thinking about recently so I think it’s a great idea, there are certainly more than enough talented riders in the UK. I’ve got the video equipment, including a new home made steadycam :smiley: and I’ve got some rudimentary plans of shots/locations etc. But the problems as I see it are time, organising riders and good camera operators.

well I have a non-cycling friend who is obsessed with film. She would be more than willing to film us all, that way we could all ride and nobody would have to film. What you guys think? If we get it organised I say we should totally go for it, like unicus said, its long overdue.
My only worry would be manufacturing a DVD/Video. Does anyone know how would could actually put it onto this format and make enough to distribute. If not, is distributing it on the net a good idea?

Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself, I would love to be in a UK vid and I’m sure countless others would be too.


I’ve got a good friend who’s just left the University of Kent, after doing a media studies course. He’s good with a camera (read amazing) and doesn’t ride. He’d be well up for doing some filming I think, especially locally to him. Also the brother of one of the unicyclists in my local group is a really keen photographer, and is good with a camera too…

I think the kit & cameramen are easy enough to come by, we just need time & locations. And the ability to get good, impressive shots. Oh, and the editing & DVD Authoring. Making DVDs isn’t hard, companies will take a DVD master and make copies for a per-disc fee (I think).


Sounds great, I’d be up for…


(p.s - check out the Richard and judy thread)

… it (sorry, im too fast :roll_eyes: )