Best of 2011

2011 was a great year! My highjump record went from 80cm to 116cm, learned a ton of new street stuff, and best of all, I met all my heros and made some new friends at NAUCC. This is a video of my favorite times this year. Enjoy guys!

Wow! That was riding was pretty spleen… Great job on the editing

Great video! 80cm to 116cm is huge improvement!

You have improved a lot the past year was also the same for me :slight_smile: Now try to highjump without prehopping on wood cause I think pallets give a little extra bounce :roll_eyes: But really great riding overall!

:slight_smile: Yeah for sure! You have improved a ton this year! Secretly I have always dreaded watching your next videos because you progress so fast, and I’m sort of right behind you. I started street not to long ago, then I saw you latest video and low and behold, you did too. Madening really. :smiley:
That jump was back in August. The day I posted it people were screaming at me telling me to stop with the extra pallet. I did, and shortly after got 116 again without the pallet, but I didn’t film it. So yeah. I’m catching up though. Next video has somthing huge in it. :wink:

Very nice trials, and all the evening scenes looked great! :slight_smile:

Nice!! Can’t wait to see the next video!! :smiley: BtwI got 122 switch foot :smiley: which I guess means it really isn’t switch anymore but I don’t really consider my hj record as 130 anymore :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to ride with you again, you coming to unicon?

WHAT!? 122 switch foot??! Just out of curiosity, why did you start riding switch foot? That’s crazy man! I remembered last night also that I’m a year and a half younger than you, so I still have some time to catch up. :wink: No I’m not. Money is tight. I’m only going to EUC America this year…

I started just under 2 months ago :slight_smile: How long you been riding? Because I think age doesn’t matter. What really matters is how fast you body has developed because if you look at Jonas Jørgensen, he’s only 15 years old and got first place in senior qualifications at euc. But I remember at naucc you seem much younger than the other riders and I was really impressed by your riding!!

You can’t compare Jonas to anything :stuck_out_tongue: Every year at the Danish Trial Championships, someone tries to built a line he can’t do, he’s taken all line the past 3 years (there has only been 3 trial championships :stuck_out_tongue: ) :roll_eyes:

Could be nice to see some urban/natural trials from you! :smiley: I think it looks much better than pallet trials… All over nice riding! Sad you wont go to Unicon :frowning: Could be nice to ride with you! :slight_smile:

All I’m saying is that he’s quite young but his body is mature than the average 15 year old’s :wink:

Are there any good trials videos of Jonas?

Only his highjump record, longjump record and an over one year old vid. He really should make some vids! Not many people know how good he really is :stuck_out_tongue:


That was awesome

I’ve been riding for almost two years now. I haven’t seen him before! He’s amazing!!