Best of 2011-2012 ---Schlumpfing around---

Hi all!
Just uploaded my new uni movie!
It has been a hard job!
It’s all about road/offroad riding with my 29" schlumpf…

A lot of friends… A lot of riding… And a lot of editing…
So, turn off the lights and set the volume high!

Or, if you have problems with youtube or you want to download it…

What do you think about?

Very cool vid, looks like you had a lot of happy saddle hours :smiley:
Awesome views, thanks for sharing that.

Have fun,

That was a fun vid. A bit different from the usual trials vid of course but I enjoyed your creative approach.
You have obviously been doing a lot of riding :slight_smile:

:smiley: The only road vid I have ever enjoyed.

Really shows the joys, frustrations, struggles, and reasons to tour.

No kidding :sunglasses: :smiley: