Best non-metal pedals

I’m a newbee to the sport and will be practicing on local tennis courts. In an effort to not scratch up the courts with metal pedals and get kicked-off. I need help upgrading to better then stock pedals that came on the “Club 20” I got secondhand.

I mountain bike a lot and love my “Answer” pedals but they are metal. I see a number of non-metal peds on unicycle-com. Please a noob out.

I haven’t looked at what is on, but I like my Odyssey Twisted Platform Pedals - 9/16". They are readily available - e-bay etc.

They are just plastic (high-strength plastic composite) BMX pedals but have lasted well and have a nice wide platform and good grip. They come in lots of cool colours too. I have pink ones, one of my sons has tie-dye black and white.

The “good” plastic pedals like the Deity Compound (also sold as Nukeproof Electron and other brand names) have metal pins which give good grip. But the pins will tear up your shins, and when you’re learning you don’t necessarily want great grip. You want to be able to get your feet off the pedals in a hurry!

So I would get one of the cheaper plastic ones, with no metal pins. The Odyssey Twisted are fine, and there are lots of others. That’s what I use on my practice unicycle - random cheapo plastic pedals. If they have metal pins I take them off.

Sounds like good advice. I did wonder a bit about ones that have too good of grip for a new rider. I’m glad to get off in a hurry when needed. Thank

Or you can get the ultimate non-marking pedals, the MKS Runber-X

It’s advertised as a unicycle pedal, so it’s clearly for our sport. Lots of people doing freestyle (indoor) love it.

I like the twisted odyssey pedals.

How important is the width and length

Life got so much better on my Mountain bike once I got pedals the where longer from toe to heel. My foot stopped rolling off and I stopped getting pedal bites. Is the same true for unicycles??? Do you want a long pedal or is there some downside? Thanks

I feel it’s probably that and more, being taller and cornering slower compared bikes that are also always chasing a lower bb height, we are less at risk of pedal strikes. From what I see, the only downside of a wide and long pedal is weight.

I like the KH pedals: clear plastic body, attractive blue spindle, and grippy metal pins.

Race Face - Chester

I’ve been really happy with my Race Face Chester Pedals.

They have a plastic body, are relatively light, and have a nice, stable platform. I found the metal pins to be so grippy that I rounded off their profiles with a file to make foot adjustments a little less harrowing.

On the other hand, I completely destroyed the first set of pedals that came with my UDC Club 24" when I was learning. One could view the pedals on a learner uni as sacrificial.

Your spot on about the club pedals after several 100ks mine are cactus I took them apart and they don’t have sealed bearings so water and dirt can easerly get in but for the price club unis are good value and update pedals are cheap. :sunglasses:


[RIGHT][/RIGHT]I couldn’t find those nice pedals pictured earlier for sale in the US. But I like the shape. The used Nimbus Purple monster I bought came with pedals that have a similar shape. I’ve destroyed the first set, and replaced it with wider more square pedals from a newer schwinn bike, but I like the more skinny, more rounder pedals like these I see on ebay:

or these:

But I’m a real newbee here, so I’d take what I like with skepticism and listen to the veterans.



The ones you picture are OK (in my experience), with the following shortcomings:
– They’re hard plastic, which is not that grippy, especially if your shoes get wet. (5-10 shoes are useful here – very grippy soles.)
– After riding a while (and crashing) on cement, pieces will start to break off. (But this takes a while, again in my experience.)
The rubber ones shown farther up are popular because they do not have either one of those drawbacks. They are, however, hard to find.
Cheers! :slight_smile:

I dislike the KH pedals. I find the plastic hard and slippery with wet shoes and the pins are not that grippy as metal pins go. They are the worst of both worlds imo.

Round or Square

I’m a bit curious to the rounded ends vs. square end pedals. The only things that come to mind is rounded ones are less damaging to basketball courts (I see a lot of uTube vids of kids on courts) also maybe less damaging to rider when falls happen…do riders fall on their pedals much…(forget that I don’t want to know).
The other thought is the rounded ones don’t catch on objects/rocks/curbs.

I would never run the short rounded ones on my mountain bike unless I wanted my foot to slide off or if I loved getting pedal bites.