Best Natural Trials in North America??

OK the attachments don’t allow Google Earth kmz files so here are the coordinates.

Clue: it’s a beach and you can see the log lines in Google Earth.

This is my favorite trials riding area and some of the best natural trials I’ve ever seen. Endless variety and you can ride lines that are sometimes up to 100 m long. Funny thing is that no one else rides there!


I’d totally ride there if I lived anywhere near Vancouver, BC! :frowning:

Wow, I just looked it up, and it looks amazing!

Is this where you did some of the filming for Universe 2? Kinda seems like the same place.

Are the logs washed up there and random, or set up by trials’ers?

BTW, I’ve played in an Ultimate tourney right near there, on Lasqueti Island, at

kinda looks like my favorite trials area.
start at 47°31’34.22"N

then follow the beach north. Lines for days!

Wreck beach is kind of a hippy beach, where a lot of people hang out and build stuff with logs that wash up, including burying logs vertically in the sand as well as pulling them into places to sunbathe, or places just to hang out and even make cool carvings and gardens in some logs. It’s a cool culture down there; also it’s a nude beach so sometimes you have to avoid falling on naked people! Basically people created one of the world’s best trials sections without even knowing they were doing it, and the sections also change as people move logs around.

It’s where my segment in U2 was shot although no film or photo can do it justice. A lot of the lines are technical and would look bad on film but are awesome to do.

Attached are a couple of photos.



I love that photo of you and the silhouette. I’m really into photography, maybe I’ll have to make my next lens a fisheye… I’m considering coming to MMF next spring (it’s a long ways from Freeport, Maine!) and riding and doing some photos.

If (when) I come to Vancouver, I’ll definitely check it out.

Yes, please avoid them! Pinned pedals and naked people conjures horrific images.

I’ll have to get to that beach sometime. I am a littler further south in Tacoma.

This beach has some pretty good logs for trials 47°17’9.14"N 122°29’13.00"W It is only about a mile from my house so I go down there whenever I get a chance

Danger-uni’s beach still looks better. At least there aren’t any nudes on my beach

I’ve been there :slight_smile:

I looks crazy, to bad that nothing like this is near my town. I hate it to ride alone in the city, because always to many people watch you riding.

Well, boys and girls, this is what separates us from the gods; Kris goes riding and has to worry about landing on naked ladies - you and I have to watch we don’t land in dog poop…

I would like to visit there some time. Looks like some really good trials.

There is a place by the beach about 1-1.5hours drive from here. It is basically one giant rock with tonnes of other rocks on top and around it which the water has carved out. It has endless trials lines. The whole thing is about 1000ish metres long with a giant gap of beah in the middle. And because it is right on the beach there is lots of rock pools to gap across. I found it on google earth:
153° 6’56.81"E

Oh yea, and not too far from there is the best and hardest muni trail I have ever being on (though its actually a walking track).
153° 5’4.51"E

You can actually see the trial that goes down the edge of the mountain. Where the trial kinda stops is where is gets too steep to ride.

I prefer the one with the topless bystander.

print screen?