best Muni?

i want to know what the best Muni is. Id guess the vortex or the KH pro series since they have all the bells and whistles, and ther $1500. Im not thinking about the best for the price either, just the best period.

There was a thread about this a while ago…

I’d have to say KH frame, Doublewide rim, Gazz tire, Profiles, Magura brakes, some kind of airseat, Snafu or jim C pedals. Flame stickers.

OR you could go with a creative geckoes insanimuni.

make sure you get the '05 KH aluminum frame!! not the over-expensive pro-series frame
and get a Scott Wallis carbon fiber airseat w/ thomson seatpost!!!
then you’d be golden!!

the KH aluminum frame was what I was talking about.

I agree about thethompson seatpost and CF saddle frame. Also one of the ergonomical CF handles, those are HOT.

yeah, i was implying the cf base, handle, bumper + airseat package, w/ the cool brake mount too

gb4. incedibly solid. then, alex dx rim, gazz, profiles, your choice of seat. carbon stiffener plate/handle. or gb4 reeder handle and plate if you’re not looking for super expensive/light weight.

The KH alum. frames are available (soon) separately, and there’s probably no better for any price. Get U-Turn to build you a Profile hub wheel set up ( has the 8 dollar bearing shims that make the Profiles work with the KH frame). Forget the Gaz and go with a Duro tire–rounder, therefore more control for hard rolling. Wallis CB seat w/Thompson seat post and Mag. brake with Wallis ergo brake handle. For aggro Muni the new bored out Shinburger pedals are cleartly the best – and they’re guaranteed for life.

That whole rig will touch you for about 1,500 bones, then you’re good to go down the back side of Half Dome.


do you think the new 05 Kh frames are better than the pro series frames? are dey just as strong?

the atomlabs pedals are also guaranteed for life and are bearingless. they’re totally sweet. and completely bombproof.

Are you using the new Atom Lab pedals? I’ve been thinking about trying the new Aircoprs with the bearingless design but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. My current old style Aircorps are still holding up so there is no need for me to be splurging on pedals again just yet.

How well do the new Aircops spin? Are they smooth? Do they stay smooth? Do they develop play?

wish i could tell you from personal experience john, but a friend of mine loves them. i think george barnes has some. i gotta email him about some stuff, might ask him to responde and let you know.

Aircorps are great pedals, but they still have those pins–even though they screw in so the Alen head won’t get banged up. Shinburgers have no pins, and the bearings are pretty stiff, meaning the pedal won’t float to vertical when you’re trying to freemount on steep, technical stuff and want to plant your foot on the pedal in the dead flat position. Getting your feet set up just right on the pedals is crucial when drops are involved, and I’ve cranked my ankle so many times I’m just over it. I find both the toothless platform and the relatively stiff bearings to be useful.


You can fix the freespinning problem by putting on new o-rings. The Aircorps and many other platform pedals can use standard o-rings that you can get at Lowe’s Home Improvement or other stores that stock that sort of hardware. Try a couple of different sizes of o-rings till you find a size that gives the right amount of friction to stop the pedal from freespinning while still letting it spin when you pedal.

The Shinburgers probably use the same type of o-rings. Eventually the o-rings will wear down and the Shinburgers will start freespinning too. When that happens you just replace the o-rings and the pedals are back to the way you like 'em.

I don’t have experience with either, but here’s what I do know. Remember this for future purchases of other stuff:


In this case, the KH pro frame is expensive because it’s handmade, in small numbers, in a country with expensive labor (not sure which one). The new KH aluminum frames are very well-made, of nice light aluminum. If they were made by the same guy who makes (made?) the KH Pro frames, they would probably cost even more than those do. But instead they’re mass-produced in a factory with much less expensive labor. Everybody wins, except the expensive framebuilding guy.

Your original question was “best MUni.” My offer would be the 2005 KH. To me, best includes not spending an arm & a leg unless you add that money is no object. Most of the answers given by others were lists of parts. Those are all the best parts, but individually they add up to quite a price! Start with the KH, and you have a really solid MUni to ride while you save up for the Scott Wallis seat, post & handle, and any other great accessories you need.

yeah, if price were an issue, i’d get the KH '05 (which I did), and then save for a nice seat etc (which I am)
BUT, he did say at the top that price is no object, so that’s why we’re listing all the best parts to be put into a muni
i think an '05 KH is solid, and the cranks and rim and stuff are almost comparable to the more expensive things like profiles and sun double wide